5 Ways to Make Money on Tik Tok in 2020

Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Tik Tok in 2020. The crowd will be more where the money is. Why is there such a crowd of creators on tik tok today, are they coming just for fun or is it an excellent opportunity to make money? Yes, Tik Tok is a unique opportunity for creators to make money.

This is the reason that today millions of creators are seen around the world at Tik Tok. Becoming a famous star is not an easy task here, the creators have to show such crazy scenes in a few moments, by which people become followers.

And in this manner, some people are going viral overnight and becoming a famous star. In a few days, millions of followers go crazy after him and eventually turn into a creative personality renowned brand. Then begins a unique way to earn money.

So now, in this new blog, we are going to explain how to make money from Tik Tok. There are five unique ways to make money from Tik Tok. Before going ahead that how to make money from Tik Tok, we will know about the history of Tik Tok.

About Tik Tok.

The app was originally developed in China and popularized as a 15-second short, entertaining or fun video-sharing app by 2018 in the name Musical.ly App in India where the creators are allowed to sync their lips with the music and dialogue options in the video. 

Then musical.ly was very popular among teenagers for the 15-second short video streaming and sharing app with over 100 million users as of August 2018.

This app had gained widespread fame with some content creators, and some of the users had shared the app on several social media platforms such as 15-second music videos shared on Instagram, further boosting the app’s popularity.

After that, in August 2018, a Chinese company BiteDance took over the Musical.ly app and transferred its users to Tik Tok with their content.

What is Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a short form of funny or entertaining video sharing app which allows user to share their short video (15 Seconds) on any topics. Now, this app has many opportunities for creators who are gaining many followers day by day, and they are getting the opportunity to make money using the Tik Tok platform.

 Make money from Tik Tok.

So let’s start…

There is no own ad network platform like YouTube, Instagram for the Tik Tok creators. Still, how they make money from Tik Tok, those who are creating valuable funny and entertaining content are seen crazy views, and some people are going viral overnight, and they got a lot of followers.

Then they thought that the way to monetize it. More and more people are getting interested in Tik Tok day by day, and they start making money from Tik Tok. So we are going to talk in details of how they are earning five types of income through Tik Tok. So, these are the top 5 ways to Make Money on Tik Tok.

Selling Tik Tok Account

Here are the top five methods of monetization on Tik Tok. The first one is they are selling their growing Tik Tok Profile for earning money. 

Nowadays, Tik Tok becoming more and more popular in the industry. They are selling products through their Tik Tok profiles, and they are earning in a big way by selling their account. 

It is a popular method to earn money on Tik Tok. Grow a large number of followers on your Tik Tok account and sell it to the brand, which leverages the fan base account to take advantage of the audience using your Tik Tok profile.

Earn money from Tik Tok Go Live

The second way of earning money through Tik-Tok is that people are going to live and collect donations from their followers. Suppose, you are a Tik Tok user, you can go into your profile and purchase something called coins.

When you go live, people give you money through coins as a gift. These coins converted into the dollar ($). So you have a minimum of 1000 followers to go live in Tik Tok.

Here you cannot withdraw cash directly; cash does not automatically go to your bank account. It goes to the wallet in Tik Tok, later after completing $ 50 you can transfer it to your bank account through PayPal account. Once you hit $ 50, you hit the cash out button, and it will go into your PayPal account.

Income from Brand Sponsorships

The third best way is to make massive money through brand promotion. Now the famous Tik Tokers who are receiving sponsorship, brand deals from recognized companies around the world. 

Here are minimum followers required that will start from 50k approximately to get good sponsorships from the brand. If you have good luck, you can get good deals and sponsorships from even minimal followers.

Your Contact List:

How will they contact you to get sponsorship from the brand? How can you give a contact form to a brand? Simply, you can use your Tik Tok profile to provide contact details.

So to get sponsorship here, you have to provide a mail ID in your Tik Tok profile, or you can connect your Instagram account with Tik Tok. So, this way, they will contact you to promote their product in your tik tok video. This is the most popular of the top 5 ways to make money on Tik Tok.

Directing the audience to other revenue-based platforms

The fourth way to make money on Tik Tok, using other revenue-based platforms. You can grow your other ad network platforms very fast, such as youtube, Instagram.

An option is found to the right of the follow button for each Tik Tok account, where you can link your Instagram or YouTube account.

You can take advantage of this feature, and here you can directing the followers of Tik Tok on your Instagram or YouTube account. As you know, YouTube has its advertising network, where you can grow your YouTube account very quickly through Tik Tok Followers and start making money on YouTube very quickly directing your Tik Tok followers.

Therefore, grow your followers on Tik Tok and take advantage of Tik Tok followers on Youtube and of course, they will subscribe. This way, you can earn money on Youtube directing Tik Tok followers.

Income from Influencers Campaigns

The same concept already applies to influencers at Tik Tok as well. You can find a middleman or broker working on TikTok with a manufacturer and the brand that wish to deals with the influencer.

With brands focusing on TikTok and its audience, even TikTok users are looking for ways to monetize the content they create. Brands are leveraging their Tik Tok accounts for brand promotion and sponsorship and diverting traffic to their channels and pages to get revenue. But, all this is done on its own as Tik Tok does not provide any facilities.

Brands are offering content creators for direct branded content on Instagram. Agencies focus on the quality of the content, the relevance of pay-to-influence and audience engagement. Those are the top 5 ways to Make Money on Tik Tok and you might have liked it.


Whatever method is described to earn money on a Tik Tok, it all depends on a successful Tik Tok creators. There are no revenue-based platforms like YouTube, and the creators get no help from Tik Tok. You have to build followers on your skills.

For this, the Tik Tok platform gives you only 15 seconds to create a short video. Within that time, you have to create amazing entertaining content with your skills. With which you can become an overnight star. Only then you can earn money on Tik Tok in the above five ways.

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