About us

This website [netkibaten.com] is created to provide basic information about Career, Courses, UPI, Make Money and many more topics. I set up this website in March 2020 and continue to work on various issues. 

Articles are posted in these categories every day or weekly, especially with experts who have good knowledge of these topics.


I am Anowar Hossain Mia, belonging to West Bengal, living in Hyderabad for the last 20 years. After intermediate in the science group, I completed my BA from Calcutta University (Kolkata University) in 1990. 


At that time, I learned computer languages, like (COBOL, dBase III+, DOS) in a one-year computer course, which is now outdated. Later industrial training from the Government Institute.

Now, I have been working in the private sector (engineering plant) for 20 years. Besides, I have continued work on the Youtube channel (Netkibaten) for the past four years.




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