7 Best Jobs for Women after 12th, Best Courses for Women (2022)

In almost all areas of the world, women continue to dominate; their numbers may be less than men’s. But, despite all this, sometimes we take wrong decisions while choosing a career path; They can be boys or girls too; in fact, they didn’t want to be. So, today we will share the top 7 best jobs for women after the 12th, which are always favourite among women in the world.

Actually, without experience, no one will be able to select the right path in their life and it is challenging to choose a suitable course for everyone. So be sure that this blog post will help you choose the right one for you among the top seven career options.

These are the top seven most demandable careers after the 12th suitable for women as most private and government sectors demand women employees. So let’s have a look at these best career option courses for women after class 12th.

7 Best Jobs for Women After 12th

These 7 best jobs are suitable for women who have passed class 12th in the Arts, Commerce, or Science group from a recognized board. There is a limitation on choosing a few courses for women from arts, commerce, or science groups. However, women will have to choose these courses according to their class 12th group.

These are as follows.

  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • Teaching Jobs
  • Gynaecologist
  • Air Hostess
  • Interior Design
  • Beautician
  • Nursing

Software Engineer/Developer

If you have passed 12th with the MPC group, you can take admission in computer engineering. You can complete a computer science engineering degree from any private or government engineering college. Here are the most popular branches for women are Information Technology and Computer Science.

Due to the rapid expansion of the technology industry, the demand for software professionals in the computer industry is constantly increasing. So, this is a great opportunity for women who are interested in computers in general. Software engineering fields offer some of the best jobs for women.

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If you go for the software developer career option, then an engineering degree is not required. However, for software developer jobs, a graduate in computer applications (BCA) is a must. So if you have passed 12th in any branch, then you can do a BCA degree.

Jobs for Women
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Some of the jobs offered in this field for women are as follows.

Teaching Jobs for Women

After 12th, the degree honours programme is good for teaching, and you can make a successful career in a government and other private schools and colleges. Therefore, if you are interested in teaching, an honours program in a degree can be beneficial. In addition, you must complete the training of B.Ed for School Teachers.

Here, the Honours program in BA/BSc/BCom is essential for teacher jobs; if you are pursuing the honours program in any subject, you can go for High School Teacher Posts.

A teacher is one of the best professions globally, and you can expect a high salary. Moreover, it is considered a very respectable profession in every society in the world, so if you are a woman, your dignity in society increases.

Considering the rapid growth in the education system worldwide, the number of employment opportunities in this sector has increased in the last few years. So, a teaching job is considered one of the most demanding jobs for women, and it is one of the best career options for women always.

To get the Teacher Job, a bachelor’s degree with B.Ed training is compulsory. In addition, you can obtain further a master’s degree in the concerned subjects for the professor posts.

Salary for School Teacher

Teaching is also one of the best career options if you compare it to other jobs salary-wise. Here you can expect a good amount per month or more depending on your experience and job position. For the school teacher, the minimum salary is 40000 to 90000 in India, and it may be more abroad.

The careers available in teaching are as follows:

  • School/College Teacher,
  • Professor
  • Education Administrator
  • Vice-Principal
  • Principal

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Gynaecologist Career for Women

The demand for women Gynecologists is increasing rapidly because women are more comfortable with women than male Gynecologists. That’s the main reason why this career option is the best and most rewarding for female candidates.

So, the journey to becoming a Gynecologist starts after the 12th; After completing higher secondary education with the PCB group, you can go for further medical education for a degree (MBBS) in Gynaecology. So you have to complete all these steps.

  • PCB Group in 12th
  • Qualify NEET Exam (In India)
  • MBBS Degree from a reputed medical institution
  • Select Gynecologist as a Specialization

Career Options After Degree as Gynecologist.

  • Private Hospital
  • Government Hospital
  • Defence Hospital
  • Set up Health Clinic

Air Hostess Jobs for Women

The Air hostess job is the most sought-after career option among women even after 12th class. Young girls can earn handsomely by travelling to different places as air hostesses; of course, it is a dream job for every woman. Therefore, the degree course is highly recommended and best for your further career as an air hostess.

So you can join after the 12th to become an air hostess. The degree course will help you gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience. So go for degree courses instead of diploma and certification courses to help you move ahead in your life.

Here is the list of top institutes in India below.

The job profile of an air hostess is as follows.

  • Flight Attendants
  • Cabin Crew
  • Stewards
  • Cabin Attendant
  • Supervisors
  • Base Manager
  • Manager

Interior Design

Interior design is another great job profile for women interested in artistic pursuits. It is highly demanded in the market because there is a fast-growing huge construction development everywhere, where having an interior designer is a must.

Interior design courses are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So if you have a passion for the word art and design field, it will be the best option for you.

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Cosmetology has always been a good career option for women with an aesthetic sense. Many institutes in India offer various beautician courses, such as certificates, diplomas, and degree courses. The duration of these courses depends on the type of course and mostly includes the internship duration.

The courses are as follows.

Nursing Jobs for Women

After the Doctor, the role of a Nurse is the most important from the point of view of health and hospitality. So, if you are interested in the health and hospitality sector, this would be a great job profile for every girl. Here, you have to complete the 12th PCB stream for admission in Nursing in B.Sc. Later you can pursue a master’s degree in nursing for better career options in those fields.

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Q: What are the best courses for women?

A: There are the top seven courses for women, these are Software Engineer/Developer, Teaching Jobs, Gynaecologist, Air Hostess, Interior Design, Beautician, Nursing, etc.

Q: Which course is best for girls in engineering?

A: Most of the girls prefer to do computer science engineering, but it depends on their preference.

Q: Is an Air Hostess job good for women?

A: Air Hostess job can be suitable for those candidates who like to travel.

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