CBSE board 10 and 12 exam dates postponed 2021

Today Hon’ble Prime Minister chaired a high-level meeting to review the CBSC board 10th and 12th examinations at various levels because of the rising Corona situation.

After a high-level meeting with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education in India decided to postpone the CBSC board exams from 4rth May to June 2021; the CBSE board class 10th exam has also been cancelled.

For the CBSC board 12th exams, the Ministry of Education has decided that the situation now will be observed seriously. After that, the date of the 12th exams will be determined after June 1st, 2021.

CBSE board 10 and 12 exam dates
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Ministry of Education will review the 12th CBSC Board exams’ situation up to June 1st, 2021 and after that, announce the exam dates for the 12th exams.

This decision has been taking for increasing cases of COVID-19, and now the CBSC board 10th exams have also been cancelled.

Today the same decision has been taken in this high-level meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The entire academic session has been running online for one year; online classes and exams are not taking place with that quality.

However, teachers, professors, students and politicians from the country and states are demanding online to ensure the admission process to study higher education online.

On average, 30 to 32 lakh students appear every year in CBSC 10th and 12th examinations; increasing cases of covid19 can be a dangerous situation for the student and teacher during the exam.

The entire academic session is being conducted online throughout the year, and students are also demanding online exams for the exam.

The Indian Government and the Ministry of Education have assured the examinees, parents, and teachers that all the important decisions will be taken because of all students’ career and health and their important future.

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