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By the way, the education system in India, especially when it comes to private school and colleges, is costly. For a low-income family, teaching children in a private school means seeing stars in the day. After that, teaching in coaching centers has become unavoidable for parents to prepare well. And thus day to day coaching center businesses are becoming very popular in India.

Well, apart from this, when it comes to admission children in important admission exams like IIT, IIIT, NIT or MBBS, then it will come to mind of a renowned coaching centre. Because, without coaching, it is difficult for students to crack such competitive exams. 

Those coaching centres will be present in any area of ​​our city, but here in the name of coaching, they take a lot of money from the parents of the children. Children are prepared for competitive exams by a professional teacher within a specified time frame, Some of them succeed, and some fail. So it is being run like a business. So currently, no one can say it is legal or illegal.

By the way, the number of unemployed in our country is many. So in this profession, a teacher gets the excellent value of his experiences, his pieces of knowledge.

So if you are interested or if you have this type of typical piece of knowledge in this field, then it will help to earn money without invest any amount.

What is a requirement to open the coaching centre:

No government registration is required, no government standards, no VAT. Just a small class, readymade furniture, books, blackboard etc, all these initial set-ups. Just ready to earn money. Coaching centres have to be registered for service tax, if they come under commercial section only.

In other words, it can be said that coaching classes do not have to pay any service tax. Profit with almost zero investment and zero tax.

 Coaching Centre And Parents:

Indian parents are ready to do anything in the name of “coaching”, 35 0000 per year to get their children enrolled in a top institute or to rank well in the 10th and 12th board exams. 

A study conducted by ASSOCHAM found that 75% of indian parents prefer these coaching institutes in the name of education. They believe that these are the coaching classes that help a lot to prepare their kids for competitive exams and this is the only way to get admission in top institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), IIIT, NIT, IIM etc.

Top Competetive Exams Seats In India:

  • IIT, JEE seats are = 5,500
  • AIEEE seats are =9,000
  • AIPMT seats are = 1,600

JEE-IIT (IIT-Joint Entrance Examination) has only 5,500 seats, but every year more than 350000 students appear for the exam. 

The AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) has only 9,000 seats, but it is no surprise that more than 530,000 eyes are glued to them. More than 170,000 are present for the All India Pre Medical Test for just 1,600 seats, a depressing ratio of the total number of students with a total number of seats.

However, almost all people are going to coaching classes to become winners. Just imagine the amount earned by these coaching centres who are making money in the same education.

Needless to say that every year millions of students are ready to enrol in top institutes like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology for the fees of their coaching class to live their working lives and cut their expenses. 


There is no restriction from the government; parents are ready to spend millions. In such a situation, an educated person can open such coaching centres, who have good knowledge of every type of competitive exam, and guide the student properly.

With this, I would like to say that there should be no cheating of any students in the name of coaching centre, and the fees that are there should be reduced so that students of all classes get opportunities.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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