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The Bachelor of Commerce is a popular undergraduate degree among students after completing 12th in commerce or science stream. Today, in this blog, we will explain about the courses after 12th commerce, which will be according to your choice and in which you will be able to make a glorious future in life.

Typically, Arts stream students cannot obtain a bachelor’s degree in commerce in most colleges in India after passing 12th standard. So they must qualify the 12th standard in Commerce or Science stream to pursue a career in

The stream of commerce has seen an unprecedented resurgence in the world over the past few decades, and these business-oriented groups have shown students something new to pursue their interests, resulting in the many new courses added to the degree course after 12th commerce.

These courses are mostly focused on career and industry levels and have opened up many opportunities for commerce discipline students. However, preference is always available for those students who have studied commerce at 12th level.


The duration of the degree course is for three years in Indian colleges/universities according to the Ministry of Education, Government of India. However, the time frame of other classes in commerce may differ from the degree. 

The process of admission to colleges/universities after passing 12th commerce is different. Typically, B.Com admissions take place in popular colleges based on the marks obtained in 12th standard; but, some colleges may also have entrance examinations for admission.

Courses after 12th Commerce
Courses after 12th Commerce

There are plenty of options to study in colleges, which can easily get confusing, especially for 12th pass students who are still not clear about their career and future. Therefore, here is a list of best courses after 12th to select students in commerce. 

These courses are divided according to famous professional, innovative and creative aspects so that you can choose the terms that are closest to you in which you can make your career.

Previously, students felt that they would study a bachelor’s degree in any discipline in commerce and then spend their lives working in an accountant or commercial department in a company.

But now the time has changed, many options are ahead of you which will help in brightening your golden future. You can go for a commerce-related course in degree, which will take you straight into a career after graduation. 

You need to know in which subject you want to make your career. Following are the best undergraduate level courses for commerce students. So you read carefully and understand these subjects thoroughly.

Courses after 12th Commerce

Commerce is an excellent evergreen stream if you want to pursue a career in professional companies or established industries in the world. However, the subject also has some creative courses for creative people.

Following is a list of the top management courses after 12th commerce. Which results in shows in some of the best positions, jobs, salaries and growth opportunities in the banking and financial world.


  • B.Com in Banking & Insurence
  • B.Com in Business Management
  • B.Com in Accounting & Finance
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • B.Com in Tourism & Travel Management

B.Com in Banking & Insurence

If you want to make a career in the financial services sector, get a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance degree. In this, you learn activities in banking, finance, investment, business analytics, risk assessment, and use of financial software.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance is a three (3) year degree course and will get you a good job right after graduation. However, you can also get postgraduate degrees and courses to get further boost for career opportunities.

After a degree in BCom Banking and Insurance, one can opt for a career like Auditor, Analyst, Account Manager, Equity Manager, Wealth Manager, Stockbroker, Market Analyst.


  1. St Andrew’s College of Arts Science & Commerce (Mumbai)
  2. Rathinam College of Arts & Science (Coimbatore)
  3. Kishinchand Chellaram College (Mumbai)
  4. Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science (Coimbatore)

BCom in Business Management

If you want to pursue a career in management, then you can consider a Bachelor of Management degree. It is an undergraduate degree that prepares you for managerial roles in industries and also has subjects that teach you all the aspects of running a successful business.

These degree courses refer to day-to-day practical work, industry visits, internships, lectures in various professional fields; And in the college, appointments are made by experts in the industry.


  1. Mount Carmel College (Bangalore)
  2. Institute of Management (Bangalore)
  3. Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (New Delhi)
  4. Hindu College (New Delhi)

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BCom in Accounting and Finance

BCom in Accounting and Finance is a three year (03) undergraduate course. In this course, students are taught the fundamentals of accounting in the banking sectors as well as finance practices.

This course helps you to teach technical skills related to many processes of financial analysis and accounting standards in the banking industry.

Subjects: Subjects like include in this course, Income Tax, Commercial Law, Business Economics, Banking Theory, Financial Accounting and more.


  1. Loyola College, (Chennai)
  2. Christ University (Bangalore)
  3. Madras Christian College (Chennai)
  4. Rathinam College of Arts & Science (Coimbatore)

BCom in Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics is a 3-year undergraduate level course divided into six semesters. However, some universities follow an annual pattern of exams. You can get a bachelor’s degree from state-level universities, as well as private universities.

The three-year Bachelor’s degree BA Economics focuses on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of economics. This course designed to analyze concepts and processes of the economy by educating students in the areas of definition, concepts, nature, scope, utility, production, market, and more.


  1. St.Xavier’s College (Kolkata)
  2. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Bangalore)
  3. Christ University (Bangalore)
  4. Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi)

BCom in Tourism & Travel Management

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management are specialized in the tourism industry in the world. In this course, students are trained in theoretical and practical aspects of tourism and travel industry.

Besides, it is taught in detail about business operations and other core commerce subjects, such as financial relevance of tourism, impact on the world economy, environmental laws and regulations, international travel law and tourism management and customer care service.


  1. Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar)
  2. University of Mumbai
  3. Indian Institute of Hospitality & management
  4. Blue Whale Academy (Mumbai)

All of these are the best professional courses for students seeking to move on after 12th science commerce, and most professional courses will help ensure your career. 

These courses are a bit tough, but with the hard work and dedication of day and night, you can achieve success. Here are the best professional practices after 12th and make sure to find the courses that you find interesting.

Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a bachelor’s three academic year course divided into six semesters. This course is top-rated among students seeking to make a career in the IT industry. This course is about business and its applications in computer languages ​​in the IT industry.

Subjects: The Bachelor of Computer Applications course in Computer Language also sets you up for further education and careers, including studies such as networking, Computer fundamentals, data structures, database development and various programming languages ​​and more.


  1. Christ University
  2. Loyola College
  3. Amity University (Noida)
  4. St. Joseph’s College

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Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered accountancy (CA) counted among the most respected and challenging education streams. To get success in this, students have to work hard, yet some of them are successful, and some fail. But completing a few years in a CA course is also considered very valuable.

It is a five-year degree course, but now, the CA course has been reduced to 3.5 academic years and is still very difficult to qualify in the exam. But once you become a Chartered Accountant, your career and earning prospects increase a lot.

Subjects: Chartered accountancy studies mostly focus on market research, tax law, budget planning, policy planning, auditing, managing an organization’s capital, business law and corporate laws and more.


  1. Christ College
  2. Loyola College (Chennai)
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi)
  4. Indian Institute of Kanpur (Kanpur)

Bachelor of Fashion Designing

Many universities in the country started this course; students who are interested in fashion designing can go for this degree after 12th. It is a three-year degree course.

Subjects: The Bachelor of Fashion Design course covers the history of fashion designing, software used to design on clothes, fabric making and more. After completing the degree, you can easily find a job in the fashion industry abroad.


  1. National Institute of Design ( Ahmedabad)
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology (Kanpur)
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology (Bhopal)
  4. Birla Institute of Liberal Arts & Management

SUMMARY: So evergreen stream commerce degree has always been in demand among the students. It is the most demanding course in the industry, and anyone can pursue a career in these courses. So thank you very much for reading this blog.

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