Cheapest broadband plans in Hyderabad 2023

Excitel offers excellent data plans at a low cost in Hyderabad. They have their internet broadband plans much cheaper than other cities. The prices are very reasonable, and they only charge approximately Rs 600 /- month for a 100 Mbps plan with unlimited data.

It is a perfect and deadly fast internet service provider in Hyderabad, and there are no FUP policies like Actfibernet. But, now Actfibernet has changed its plans and offers massive monthly data plans, which you cannot use in a month.

Excitel Broadband service is good in terms of speed and its price is affordable compared to other broadband providers in Hyderabad.


Excitel Broadband services in three major Indian cities that are Hyderabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. Excitel is now offering its broadband services in Bangalore and Lucknow as well, and the company has some excellent broadband plans in its portfolio.

Speed offers

Excitel provides Download/upload speeds up to 300 Mbps in some cities in India, wherein in some cities speeds up to 100 Mbps. The charges are just Rs 999 per month for 300 Mbps plans and Rs 600 per month for 100 Mbps plans, which is very attractive for many users. All Broadband plans are unlimited.

So users can choose any plan like 300 Mbps as well as 100 Mbps, 75 Mbps, and 50 Mbps. The customer care service is also outstanding. The slogan is ‘no FUP and no data limit’—! 

There are three types of data plans in Hyderabad. Here every data plans come with unlimited data. No fair use policy applies to the data plan. They provide three types of data plans in Hyderabad.

Plans in Hyderabad

Plan 1: 50 Mbps

Plan 2: 75 Mbps

Plan 3: 100 Mbps

Plan details

Plan 1: For the 50 Mbps data speed plan, they charge only: Rs 500 per month, Rs 1425 for three months,

Plan 2: Rs 2700 for six months, GST separately, and Rs 5425 for 12 months.

Plan 3: For the 75 Mbps data speed plan, they charge Rs 545, and Rs 1555 for three months.

Plan 4: Rs 2945 for six months. There are no plans for 12 months.

Plan 5: For the 100 Mbps data speed plan, they charge Rs 645, and Rs 1745 for three months. 

Plan 6: 3095 rupees for six months, There are no plans for 12 months.


Excitel Broadband is targeting 4,50,000 subscribers across the country by March 2020, which already has 305,000 subscribers.

*GST will have to be charged separately with all plans*

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