Flowers Name in Bengali – বাংলায় ফুলের নাম

Flowers name in Bengali

Flowers are an integral part of Bengali culture and are used in weddings, religious places, festivals, and special occasions. Knowing different flower names in Bengali as well as other languages is essential as it can help you find followers.

Also, it is necessary for the children of Bengali society as it will help them to understand the names and importance of flowers in their language.

The names and pronunciation of flowers in Bengali will be different as compared to other languages. So, in this post, we will cover almost all flower names in Bengali and English with flower pictures.

Flowers Name in Bengali – বাংলাতে ফুলের নাম

The colors of flowers have great importance in Bengali culture, such as white and red flowers are mostly used in religious practices. However, we will mention more than 15 flower names in Bengali in the table below:

Korobeকরবী (Korobee)Oleander
Jasminজুঁই (Jui)Jasmine
Merigoldগাঁদা (Ganda)Marigold
Arabian Jasmineবেলি/মল্লিকা (Beli)Arabian Jasmine
Lotus, paddoপদ্ম (Paddo)Lotus
Sunflower, Surjomukhiসূর্যমুখী (Surjomukhi)Sun Flower
Jabaজবা (Joba)Hibiscus
Palash fulপলাশ (Palash)Bastard Teak
Shimul fulশিমুল (Shimul)Silk cotton flower
Sandhyamoniসন্ধ্যামনি (Sandhyamoni)4 o’clock flower
Apageetha flowersঅপরাজিতা ফুল (Aparajita)Butterfly Pea
Water Lilyজলপদ্ম (Jalpaddo)Water Lily
Gulap, Roseগোলাপ (Golap)Rose
Seiuli fulশিউলি (Seiuli)Night-flowering jasmine
Kathalichapa fulকাঁঠালিচাঁপা (Kathalichapa)Kanthalichampa
Kagoj fulকাগজ ফুল (Kagoj ful)Bougainvillea

Why is need to know the names of flowers in Bengali?

There can be various reasons to know the names of flowers:

  • Learning Purpose: It will be helpful for the children who are from Bengali society as it will help them to understand the name of flowers and their importance in their language.
  • Cultural Significance: Flowers have cultural and religious significance in society, so it is good for one to know the names in different languages.
  • Gardening: It can also be helpful for those who are interested in gardening and want to know about flower names in Bengali languages apart from other languages.
  • Communication: It can help in communication with people who speak Bengali as a first language in their areas.


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