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Every day, there is some event in front of our eyes, behind which there is some reason. We do not pay much attention to know that. To understand this, we must have some basic knowledge of general science.

So if we have the basic knowledge, we can understand everything they are or why they are happening. There will be some science behind this, So in today’s blog, we will understand some facts of daily life with questions/answers.

Besides, if you are willing to read the WB class 10th science/social science question paper, the below PDF link is provided, or you can download it directly on the official site of West Bengal.

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General Science for 10th Class Students

Q: What causes night blindness?

A: Night blindness is caused by Vitamin A deficiency.

Q: What is the function of fuse wire in an electrical circuit?

A: A fuse is a wire with high resistance and a low melting point. When the current is strong, the fuse wire is heated and melted, which prevents the circuit from being overloaded.

Q: Why are two eyes more valuable than one?

A: We can see the object from two points simultaneously and get a sense of solidity at once, not just for flatness. So for this, it is essential two eyes than one.

Q: Why does rust occur when the iron rod/piece is left open?

A: Iron rod/piece rusts if left exposed in the open because it reacts with the oxygen in the air, forming iron oxide, a compound of iron and oxygen.

Q: Why can’t a petrol fire be extinguished with water?

A: The temperature of the burning petrol is so high that the water poured on the petrol fire evaporates before extinguishing the fire.

Q; Why does a flash of lightning appear before the sound of thunder?

A: Because light moves faster than sound, this is why the light appears before the sound.

Q: Why is it easier to swim in the sea than in a river?

A: Because the density of seawater is higher than the density of river water.

Q: Why do we see a rainbow after the rain?

A: The water drops suspended in the air act as a prism and disperses light into seven colours.

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WB 10th Class Science & Social Science:

If you need a question paper of WB 10th science and social science in pdf, you will find it in the following link below.

You can follow the steps given below to download WB 10th Science and Social Science PDF 2018/2019 for Bengali Medium, English Medium, Hindi Medium and others for question papers on all subjects of the WBSE syllabus.

Go to the official website of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education,, follow the notice board and choose the W.B.S.E Medium Suggestion Year option and proceed.

Then you will find a list of links with the subject name of the question paper. To download the question paper in PDF file format, proceed with the link responsible for the subject.

You can download it directly from the download link below.

WB 10th Class Question Papers PDF














List of Inventions & Discoveries

Below is a list of various inventions and discoveries, including the country as well as the name of the inventor, as well as the year it was invented:

InventionName of the InventorCountryYear of Invention
Air ConditionerWillies CarrierU.S.A.1902
AeroplaneWright Brothers (William Wright, Oliver Wright )U.S.A.1903
Adhesive TapeRichard G. DrewU.S.A.1923
Atom BombJulius Robert OppenheimerU.S.A1945
AnimationJ. Stuart BlacktonU.K.1906 –
Ball Point PenJohn LoudU.S.A.1888
Blood GroupKarl LandsteinerAustria1900
Bicycle TyresJohn Boyd DunlopU.K.1888
Bifocal LensBenjamin FranklinU.S.A1779
BarometerEvangelista TorricelliItaly1643
ChloroformSir James Young SimpsonU.K.1847
ChlorineCarl Wilhelm ScheeleGermany1774
Centigrade ScaleAnders CelsiusSweden1742
Circulation of BloodWilliam HarveyU.K.1628
CelluloidAlexander ParkesU.K.1861
DynamiteAlfred NobelSweden1862
DynamoMichal FaradayEngland1931
Diesel(Heavy oil for Internal-combustion Engine)Rudolf DieselGermany1897
ElectronJ.J. ThomsonEngland1897
Electric Motor (DC)Thomas DavenportU.S.A.1873
Electric FanSchuyler WheelerU.S.A.1882
Electric BatteryVoltaItaly1800
Fountain PenWatermanU.S.A.1884
GramophoneThomas EdisonU.S.A.1878
HelicopterIgor SikorskyU.S.A.1939
HydrogenHenry CavendishFrance1766
HeliumJules JanssenFrance1868
Incandescent BulbEdisonU.S.A.1860
InsulinSir Frederick BantingCanada1923
Jet EngineHans Von OhainU.S.A.1936
Law of GravitationNewtonEngland1687
LaserTheodore MaimanU.S.A.1960
LocomotiveGeorge StephensonU.K.1804
Light BulbThomas EdisonU.S.A.1854
Locomotive Power of Steam(Principle of Railway Engine)James WattScottland1764
MicroscopeZ. JansenNetherlands1590
Motor CycleGottlieb DaimlerGerman1885
Machine GunRichard GatlingU.S.A.1861
Neon LampGeorges ClaudeFrench1915
OxygenJoseph PriestleyU.S.A.1774
OzoneChristian SchonbeinGerman1839
PhotographyL. DaguerreFrance1837
Photography (Coloured)Gabriel LippmanU.S.A.1857
Photography (Roll Film)George EastmanU.S.A.1888
Printing PressJohannes GutenbergGermany1440/1455
Polio VaccineJonas Edward SalkU.S.A.1956
PetrolKari BenzGerman1885
PenicillinAlexander FlemingU.K.1928
RefrigeratorWilliam CullenScottland1748
RadiumMarie and Pierre CurieFrench1898
RadioGuglielmo MarconiItaly1894
Rocket EngineRobert H. GoddardU.S.A.1926
StethoscopeRene LaennecFrence1816
SaxophoneAdolphe SaxBelgian1846
Sewing MachineElias HoweU.S.A.1846
Soft Contact LensesOtto WicherleCzech1961
TelephoneGraham BellItaly1896
ThermometerGalileo GalileiItaly1593
TelevisionJ.L BairdU.S.A.1944
TransistorW. ShockleyEngland1958
TelegraphSamuel MorseU.S.A.1832
Theory of RelativityA. EinsteinU.S.A.1905
Theory of EvolutionCharles DarwinU.K.1858
Vaccination (smallpox)Edward JennerEngland1796
Vitamin AFrederick Gowland HopkinsU.K.1912
Wireless RadioG.MarconiItaly1896
World Wide Web (www)Tim Berners Lee with Robert CailliauU.K.1989
Xerox machineChester CarlsonU.S.A.1928
X-rayW.K RontgenGermany1895

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