Google Duo support 12-People with filters & effects during video chat

Given the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus, the Giant search engine company Google has made a significant change in its particular app Duo.

Following this change, now Google Duo users will be able to video chat with up to 12 persons simultaneously.

Users will be able to add 11 members in their group together.

Voice recording, effects and filters are available in Google Duo

For video calls to a group on the Duo app, users must add everyone to the group.

In the Google Duo app, there is an option to create a group. Here users will be able to add 11 members one by one in the group.

Earlier, only eight people were able to make video calls in this app simultaneously.

Let us know that the Google Duo app update is given through the Twitter account of the company’s Senior Director of Product and Design, Sanaj Ahari.


Now users will be connected with their loved ones in any province of the world.

In a tweet, Google’s Senior Director of Product and Design, Sanaj Ahari, wrote that we want to meet our people in this challenging time, but this is not possible due to the lockdown.

In such a situation, users can make video calls with their friends and relatives and stay close to their loved ones through the Google Duo app.

Now users get the option of filters as well as video effects with the Google Duo app. Any user can add an effects/filter option during a video call. If they want, they can use fitters and impact on the video.

There is another excellent option available to users here; the users can record (note) messages via a swipe down on the mobile screen during a video call and send it to anyone in the group.

When users use, swipe down to record a message, there are main two options available.

By selecting voice, users can record it, and for the ‘Note’ option, users can create a note during the video call.

Therefore, out of all the video calling apps in the Google Play Store today, Google Duo is the best app.
Picture quality is excellent during video calls, looks very clean and bright

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