How different Websites Make Money Online

In this blog, we are going to explain in detail how different Websites Make Money Online. We are going to tell that how a website makes money from multiple platforms on the Internet. 

A website can earn $ 0.00 to $ 5000, $ 5000 to $ 10,000, or more per month – the monthly income has been stated on several websites. For example, there is a top-earning website here, where they provide the monthly earnings of those websites.

Moreover, they do not publish income reports every single month. However, from time to time, different bloggers decide to share publicly how much they made from their blog (website). So finally, let us know how a website makes money so much of a month. 

Before proceeding further, we should know how to make a website. First of all, anyone can create a website using Google’s Blogger platform for free. Website experts can be hired to customize the site.

Today, all these things happen for less money. Then comes post writing, those who are experts in a specific field or have more knowledge in a subject, they can write a thousand articles on that subject. 

If anybody does not want to write articles, they can hire freelancers to write articles; there will be many freelancers on the Internet who charge INR 500 to 10000 for an article. 

Many types of blogs or websites are found on the Internet, such as travel blog, technology blog, cooking blog, health blog, fashion blog etc.

For professional websites, WordPress is the best option. A domain and hosting are required here. A website costs 3 to 7 thousand rupees a year.

Type of Website

These are the leading websites which are frequently visited.

  • Blogging Website
  • Google Adsense Website
  • Affiliate Website
  • Brand Website
  • Ecommerce Website

Today, in this blog, we will talk about the income of these three types of websites such as Blogging siteGoogle Adsense site and Affiliate site. So, how different websites make money online.

Apart from this, there are many other types of sites made.

However, for this, it is imperative to know these topics, from which give will get an idea. On this website, today we are going to provide detailed information about full-time income from the website so that it can clear to know better how income comes from websites.

A relatively small new website will certainly not make that much money. In the initial stages, more and more work has to be done on the blog. More and more blog posts have to be posted continuously. 

Over time, more posts will increase the amount of search on the Internet and gain competent domain authority. So, initially, a blog should have at least 50/60 posts. Websites with quality posts will easily rank on Google. More traffic means the possibility of earning more money.

So here the primary three income comes from a website. One is Affiliate Network, and second is Google Ad Network and third is Sponsored Posts.

How does an affiliate work

Everybody knows about the affiliate programs, where a website can earn thousands of dollars every month through affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money, where the website gets a commission in terms of sales based on product recommendation. 

Let us take a look at it. Suppose, a personal opinion style blog website where a blogger can publish various articles and reviews on different products. So these posts are on the home page or blog page of the website. Sometimes on Google, that post starts seeing visitors. Before purchasing any product, the buyer takes detailed information about that product on the Internet.

Income From Affiliate Program

So whatever websites come to the first page or the second page while searching to get information about that product from Google or any search engine, the number of visitors to that website is the highest. Many people are choosing to click on these results and then landing on that blog, as they read the reviews, so they will look at the information and read about that product. 

In this way, along with the review of the product, a link is also given to buyers to buy. If the buyer buys through that link then surely the owner of that website gets a commission. Because it is an affiliate for Amazon or other affiliate partners, so in this way, the website receives massive money from the affiliate network. 2 to 20 per cent of the price of that item goes to the website owner.

So the affiliate program is the easiest way for websites to make passive money. Because there is no need to make and sell products here, only the link has to be given, through this link, the buyer buys the product, and the websites get a good commission. 

Here there is a need to maintain a good relationship between the buyer and the seller; in return, websites can earn thousands or millions of dollars a month. 

There are many affiliate companies they provide the associate program, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Hostgator, Hostinger, Bluehost, Siteground etc. 

Through the associate programs of these companies, websites can make monetize their blog posts to display the banner ad, display ad and many more other ad formats. Moreover, earn a massive amount in a month. 

Income from Google Ad Network

Also, when we search on Google or any search engine to get information in any way, a lot of pages appear as answers. When we click on any of them to get information, we reach the blog page of the website and get the information. Many advertisements are seen there, which may be Google ads or other network advertisements. 

There may also be an advertisement around this article. The website owner also earns well in a month from such ads. To understand this, the more traffic on the website, the higher the earning. So this is one of the most top income sources of any website. If the page view gets half million (5 Lakh) a month, the income can be from $ 1500 to $ 2000 (approx).

Remember, websites must have Google approved websites before they can show Google ads. 

There are many other ad networks available that pay less than Google ad networks. If there is a problem with Google ad networks approving websites, they can go with another ad network. 

Income Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is an article where companies pay a blogger or website owner, businesses to publish the product or subject of that website or activities on their blog or websites. Sponsored posts are a variety of formats, such as reviews, offers or summary of offers, sales announcements, product announcements, videos, etc. Niche sites are best for a sponsored post, and here companies pay a tremendous amount of money to the site owner for the post.

We hope to talk in detail on how to make money from websites in this blog. Nevertheless, if there is any doubt, definitely comment. If you liked this blog post, then you will share it.

Thanks a lot.

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