How does data travel fast on the Internet

Today we will learn how does data travel fast on the Internet. You are going to read this article that is sent to you from a data centre via satellite on any search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. 

Therefore, the satellite is located thousands of kilometres away. So how does the Internet users get all this information on the Internet very fast? How does the Internet work?

Let us know about this incredible journey of data on the Internet. To understand the details of how does data travel fast on the Internet.

First of all, information is stored inside a data centre called a server, which can be thousands of miles away.

So the question is, how does this data reach in our mobile phone or a computer? The process of accessing data to mobile or laptop is completed through satellites. Like, antennas and satellites are used for projection of voice or images. 

Similarly, an easy way to receive web data is with the use of satellites. However, it is not so easy to understand, very complicated process. So we have to follow the basic structure first.

From the webserver, a signal goes to the satellite via an antenna. Then devices such as mobile, computer receive signals through the antenna which is placed in the hardware of the system.

Satellite Location

The satellite is located about 22,000 miles from the Earth’s equator, so data transmission takes a lot of time.

Approximately 44000 miles have to travel, which is very long-distance travel causes a significant delay in receiving the signal.

For this, fibre-optic cable has been used for data travel fast on the Internet. In fibre-optic cable, the speed of data packets is about 200,000 km/s.

So, let me give an example to understand how fast the speed is, the circumference of our Earth is about 40,075 km.

So this means that the data packet in a fibre-optic cable can travel around the world approximately five times in a second. Optical fibre cables have been laid all over the world, whether in the sea or in the sky.

How does data travel fast on the Internet 

In particular, it causes excessive latency which is unacceptable for most Internet users like you and me. If this article does not reach or take much time to reach readers.

So definitely any readers will not be able to read this blog or leave it. The reason, it takes much time to get data on the Internet. 

Well, Here, the optical fibre is done with the help of a complex network of cables that connect between the data centre and the devices like mobiles, computers etc.

So, here the phone or any smart devices easily able to connect to the Internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi routers.

Finally, optical fibre has solved this problem by connecting all the networks via optic-fibre cables. Only then you can access very fast and read these blogs on the Internet, and I can write on the Internet. 

So all the data is stored inside the data centre or webserver through the Internet. So it is imperative to know about the webserver.

Therefore, before knowing how data travel fast on the Internet, we also need to know about servers.

Know about Server

Even more clearly, this data is stored within a data centre in a large storage device (SSD), solid-state drive.

Perhaps you have heard of SSD, nowadays most computers and laptops come with SSD storage which is much faster than the old HDD.

It serves as the internal memory of the SSD server. A web server is just a powerful computer whose job is to provide you with stored data content upon request.

The challenge now is how the data stored in the data centre is transferred to your device, mainly through a complex network of optical fibre cables. 

Therefore, it is also necessary to know about the server, before knowing how the data travels fast on the Internet.

Before proceeding further, an important concept must be understood, which is the concept of an IP address. All that is on the Internet is that all are connected with an IP address.

Every device that is connected to the Internet, whether it is an Internet service provider, computer or mobile phone, is commonly known as an IP address.

Before knowing how does data travel fast on the Internet, it is essential to know about the IP address.

About IP address

 Here, you can consider the same IP address as your home address, which is the home address that uniquely identifies your home. Any letter you send reaches you because of your home address.

Likewise, in the Internet world, an IP address acts as a shipping address through which all information reaches its destination. So for data travel fast on the internet, it is also important to know about the IP address.

The Internet service provider determines the IP address of the device and can see to which IP address your ISP has assigned your mobile phone or laptop. 

Every website is usually a collection of many web pages, such as a collection of text, images and many other elements. All web pages on the Internet are linked with each other. 

Think of a website as a book, and each page is a web page. Each website has its own IP address, and the server also has a website name entered along with the websites’ IP address.

A data centre server also has an IP address. The server stores a website so that you can access any website by knowing the IP address of the server. 

However, it is difficult for a person to remember so many IP addresses. So, here invented the domain name system on the Internet, instead of any IP address and designed to recognize the users.

About Domain Name System

So to solve this problem etc. domain names are used, which correspond to IP addresses, which are more for us to remember than a long sequence of numbers.

The rest, secondly, is that a server has a capacity limit that stores multiple websites, and if the server includes various sites, access to the server’s IP address cannot be obtained from all websites.

In such cases, an additional host header is used to identify the website accurately. So here ‘domain name system‘ works in this way.

However, for large web sites such as or, there is dedicated SSD storage as a complete data centre for a particular website. Besides, before knowing how data travel fast on the Internet, we also need to know about DNS.

How does work DNS

To access the Internet, we always use a domain name instead of a complicated IP address number. The Internet acquires IP addresses using a vast phone book corresponding to our domain name requests, which is known as an Internet phone book (DNS).

If you know the name of a person, but do not know their telephone number, you can see it in the phone book. So the DNS server also provides the same service to the Internet. 

Internet service providers or other organizations can manage DNS servers. So let’s get to know the whole process once again. So for data travel fast on the internet, it is also important to know about the DNS.

About DNS Server

You enter the domain name, and the browser sends a request to the DNS server to obtain the corresponding IP address.

After receiving the IP address, your browser forwards the request to the data centre, specifically the associated server.

Once the server receives a request to access a particular website, the data flow begins. The data is correctly transferred to the digital format in the form of the light wave through the optical fibre cable.

CONCLUSION: The Internet is really so big that you cannot imagine. No one can say that I am the owner of the Internet.

There is no government, no organization, nor any company. So the Internet is so big that no one owns it, no one can not stop it whenever they want. 

Since the Internet is a difficult task to understand, instead we should focus on ISPs (Internet Service Providers), different servers, an advanced router that handles some part of the Internet.

I think you have understood how data is transferred over the Internet faster, as well as how we get information on the Internet and what is an IP address and how DNS works. If you like this blog post, then definitely share it with your friends.

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