Use of Sbi Yono App for Existing and Non-Existing Customers

The SBI Yono app was launched by SBI in India two years ago, since then, the app has been changed a lot, and some great features have also been added to it. Some options have been changed or added with some updates, so you always have to be updated.

Today in this article, we are describing a complete tutorial on the Use of the SBI Yono app, whether you are a customer of this bank or not.

If you are using SBI Yono app for the first time, then before going further, you should know about some features of the SBI Yono.


First of all, download the Yono App from Google Play Store, and Install it. Now, open the SBI Yono app, you will get three options; and the first option is ‘New to SBI,’ the second is ‘Existing Customer,’ and the third one is ‘I have activation code.’



If you are new to SBI (for non-customers), you need to tap on ‘New to SBI‘. On the next screen, select “Apply Now” to open a savings account and tap on the ‘Next’ option. Here you will get complete information about opening a paperless savings account.

 For example,

  • A single branch visit is necessary
  •  Change zero balance to salary account
  •  PAN is mandatory
  •  Details are emailed only monthly
  •  Paperless account
  •  Personal debit card
  •  Single operating account
  •  Cheque book is available on request

Tap on the next option, and the next screen will appear. Enter your details here. A mobile number is mandatory here, but your email and referral code is optional. Tap on Next.

If the mobile number is registered with PAN, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP, and tap on Next. Tick ​​the checkbox (FATCA / CRS announcement) and enter your PAN number and select the box, tap on Next.

A list of announcements will appear here, tap on Next. Select any document here for identity proof, such as Voter Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc. Tap on next

A few more steps should be taken for a paperless saving account.


Tap on the Existing Customer, here you will get three options, the first is ‘Login Internet Banking ID, ‘the second is “Register with my ATM Card and the third is” Register with Account Details. “

Select the first option, tap ‘Yes.’ On the next page, enter user ID and password, tap on submit.

Check the box (Terms and Conditions) and tap Next.

You will get an ‘OTP ‘on your registered mobile number, enter your OTP.

Tap on Next, and here you have set Six Digit MPIN for secure login. In this way, you can use ‘SBI Yono’ for fund transfer, Mobile recharge, bill payments, pay credit card bill, Cardless withdrawal, etc.

1: If you register with ATM card:

 If you choose the ‘Register with ATM card’ option, enter your CIF and account number, tap on submit.

2: If you select the third option ‘Registration with Account Details,’ on the next page, you will have to complete three steps to register on SBI Yono.

You will get a reference number for your user ID and password, go to the branch and activate your user ID and password.

 Tap on Continue option, enter the account number, and date of birth on the next page. Tap on the ‘Next‘.

 There are some more steps to be taken to complete your registration with the bank account.


For fund transfer, first, you have to log in; as soon as you log in, you will have the option of ‘Yono pay,’ select Yono pay; on the next screen, you will get the main five options for fund transfer. For example, ‘quick money transfer, through a bank account, through Bhim UPI, through contacts and QR scan’.

How to use SBI Yono App


When transferring funds, you need a Profile Password, therefore, to create a profile password. Go to Settings, where you can set/reset your Profile password, Internet Banking ID/ Password, MMID.

Open Yono App, Tap on Yono Pay and enter profile password. Two options will appear; if you select the account, you will get two options, ‘SBI account’ and ‘Other bank accounts.

For an SBI account, enter the payee name, account number, the maximum amount of money transfer, and provide a nickname.

Tap on the ‘Next’ option, and on the next screen, enter the amount to send and tap on the ‘continue’. Here, enter your M-PIN and confirm. Funds will be transferred in this way, but it is a long process.

If you select the Phone number, you must enter the MMID. Other options are the same. If you choose another bank account, you will need to enter the IFSC CODE.


How to use SBI Yono App
Fund Transfer Options

If you select BHIM UPI for fund transfer, first of all, you have to Create/Retrieve your UPI PROFILE. Tap on BHIM UPI. On the next page, choose the Create / Retrieve UPI profile.

Here, if you have two SIM cards in your mobile, choose the SIM card, which is registered with your bank account, then select the account number and tap on the ‘Next’ option. On the next screen, enter your UPI PIN or reset UPI PIN.

There are many options available for fund transfer, such as UPI ID, Contact, Bank account, QR scan, etc. But, BHIM UPI  is the best option for instant money transfer.

CONCLUSION: The SBI Yono app is handy if one has an account with SBI. Through this app, Non-SBI customers can also easily open a paperless savings bank account.

SBI customers can also create an Internet banking user ID and password with the SBI ATM card through the YONO app.

Users are not required to visit the branch for bill payment, cash withdrawal. Users can do all the work related to the bank through this Yono app.

There is no need for users to keep any debit card in their wallet. There is a ‘Yono Cash’ option, which allows customers to withdraw cardless cash from the SBI ATM through the Yono app.

This app allows users to reset their Bhim UPI PIN, Internet Banking ID, Password, Profile Password, MMID, etc.

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