Travel Agent’s Career and Income 2021

If you want to do your business, I am going to talk to you about this travel agents career and income, and it is a great business career. Like everyone in the world travels with family or alone abroad. If you are interested in business, you know that when an occupation or job is not completed, as the economy is changing, the Internet is changing things.

People’s attachment to the job is becoming less, but here many people like to do their own business more than the job. Create jobs for others, and that’s why I know people who have their own business.

They hate their occupations, but I think trade at least even better than a job. But the important thing is how the travel industries work, what is the strategy. It is impossible to succeed in any field without knowing everything in detail.

Besides, the biggest thing is that there is no need for any degree in it, even without going to school, you can step into this industry. Nobody thinks about being a travel agent. But when you get complete information about this business, then your interest will start increasing.

Some of these travel agency companies that offer franchises.

  • Makemytrip
  • Riyatravels
  • The Bird Group
  • Yatra Online
  • ATPI India Ltd.
  • BookOtrip
  • Cozmo Travel

Often travellers travel from one country to another in the world, and on fulfilling one’s needs, the agencies get money; the same money is called income. Huge players are sitting in the market, such as airlines, transport companies, cruise, shipping companies, hotels, all of them are connected.

But, another player is seated behind them, who is called travel agencies. Their job is to make a travel plan to travel from one country to another country or tourist places inside the country; tickets have to be booked. In return, they get a commission which comes as income.

The requirement for travel agent

What is required to open a proper agency business in India

  • At least 12’x14′ office. The rent will be around ten to twelve thousand rupees.
  • At least two laptops or computers on the list.
  • Chairs/Table. The cost will be around five to ten thousand rupees.
  • A website. It costs about five to eight thousand rupees per year.
  • Internet connection. Five to eight hundred rupees per month.
  • Printer. Costs around six thousand rupees.
  • Visiting card. Costs around five to six hundred rupees.
  • Shop Board. It costs around five thousand rupees.

Responsibilities of a travel agent

Travel agents have some essential duties for travellers. The responsibilities of a travel agent are as follows.

  • The travel agent’s job is to organize the travel plan of the traveller.
  • According to the passengers, the travel plan has to be set, for them to stay, eat, time limit and all other facilities have to be arranged.
  • Passengers have to help in getting a visa, giving correct information about the journey so that customers do not face any trouble.
  • A travel agent has to provide correct information about different types of travel insurance.

Travel agent: Registration Process.

To start a travel agency, you must obtain the necessary license. License is as follows…

  1. You have to get the company registered: whether by a name or in partnership. For this, the Companies Act has to be followed.
  2. GST registration: This is compulsory, you have to get GST registration, only then you can charge GST while deducting customers tickets.
  3. Your shop also has to do GST registration: In the official website, you can get the shop registration option.

Apart from this, all these documents are needed.


4. Everything is paid online here. so the current bank account and savings bank account is also essential. 

5.Ministry of Tourism Registration. Travel agent gets a certificate from the government; One can frame this certificate in the wall. It is for five years. Travel agents continue to receive incentives and concessions from the government.

The income of a travel agent.

  1. Travel agencies have an agreement with the transport companies, i.e. the services of the transport companies are sold by the travel agent, they get some percentage of it.
  2. When a person comes from the country or abroad to travel, they are accommodated in a hotel. There is a travel agent agreement with the hotel, and some of this commission is received by the travel agent.
  3. In some countries, tickets are sold by the travel agent for entertainment with the travel plan, so some of that percentage goes to the travel agent.
  4. Apart from this, travel agents also get money to help customers, such as helping to get a visa, giving the correct information for a travel plan, etc. So all this together would have been the income of the travel agent.

Summary: To open a travel agent business, one has to invest at least one lakh rupees initially. Here income comes in three to four ways. And there is no standard measurement of income. Revenue will depend on the travel agent’s strategy of how they connect the business on different platforms.

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