How to Become a Professional Data Scientist, Jobs and Salary in India 2020

To become a professional data scientist, you must have a good knowledge of statistics and mathematics. After that, you should have a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel. With a bachelor’s degree from any branch, it is necessary to learn several computer languages, such as Python, SAS, R Programming, Tableau and SQL… Job opportunities are very good for data scientists in India, as well as salary can expect higher amount than other jobs.

Today we will take a closer look at data science career opportunities in India. More specifically, we will talk about how you can become a data scientist in India.

 Before that, we’ll take a look at the latest research to help you assess the possibilities of landing a data scientist’s work. 

How to become a professional data scientist

So now we will focus on the education and qualifications you need to become a qualified data scientist for the work of any organization. 

A data scientist needs to have proficiency in Excel, good practical knowledge of statistics and mathematics

The companions include the confidence to work with visualization tools such as Microsoft Power (BI) and Tableau and, of course – experience in scripting languages ​​such as SQLPython and the like. They are speaking of languages, R and 2/3 years of experience.

To keep things on top, we’ll point you in the right direction when looking at starting a data scientist’s work in India, and we’ll also share some extra special tips that will help you stand out from the crowd in the perfect place.

But before we start, we would like to mention one more thing about a very comprehensive data science training. So here in the Data Science program, you have a complete set of Data Science courses, which will help you develop and fulfill the skills you need, which we will try to make better in this article today.

It is ideally suited for beginners. For example, you must have math or statistics knowledge, so this is the first thing you need to do to build a more specific skill set, which you can do.

What does a data scientist do?

A data Scientist does these things, whatever data the Company has, that data has to be loaded into the server. After that, the data has to be processed. Many types of tools are used for data processing. Such as Python, R, SAS, Tableau …, The processed data is then analyzed through other software. After completing the data analysis process, the data is shown through a graph or chart so that it can be easily understood.

How to Become a Professional Data Scientist
Data Science: Graph/Chart

Popular websites for data scientist courses

There are many online institutes where you can learn R programming, Python for data science, machine learning, tableau training, natural language processing, etc. If you want to nominate it further, below is a list of some reputable websites that you can see.


Job opportunity in India

The scope of data scientist work in India has increased a lot. There are many job opportunities in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi / NCR.

As the data science sector is advancing at a rapid pace, the massive demand for data science talent, especially in the technology / IT and industrial domains, can barely catch up with the supply of skilled data scientists.

It is therefore not surprising that a significant portion (more than 40%) of data scientists in India have got a ‘data scientist’ job within the last 24 months. Therefore, becoming a data scientist in India is indeed a golden opportunity. 

A data scientist salary in India

Let’s see what this means in terms of salary! According to, “data scientist” is the highest paid job in India. 

More specifically, the average salary of data scientists can be above Rs 1,012,000 per year and over Rs 2,000,000 for more experienced candidates.

The top Company for a Data scientist in India

But keep in mind that this may change soon. Many international companies prefer to open an office in Hyderabad, as it is much cheaper. No wonder giants like FacebookMicrosoft, Google and Amazon already calls Hyderabad it’s home. 

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And this translates into even more career opportunities for data scientists in India. Now that you know that “data scientist” is an emerging career in India.

It’s time to see what happens when it happens! Well, the education and skills required for data scientists, no matter where you live in the world, is small, universal, but, to draw the most accurate picture, we have decided to dig deeper into the numbers. 

Qualification for a Data scientist

A bachelor’s degree in any branch is sufficient to become a data scientist. But it is important to have good knowledge of statistics and mathematics. Apart from this, students of engineering background can also do. Therefore, we have discovered some fascinating details about the general data scientists of India.

According to research, 50% of data scientists in India have postgraduate degrees; 44% bachelor‘s degree; And 6% do PhD from an academic background. A degree in computer studies, economics, finance, business research, statistics and mathematics is undoubtedly an advantage for data scientists.

The specialized data scientist in India

However, more and more employers are ready to weave such requirements in favour of relevant skills and real-world experience. The specialized data scientist in India also speaks 2/3 languages, has taken at least one online course and has posted an average of five certifications on Linkedin. 

This comes to prove the growing importance of online data science pieces of training, not only to learn the basics but also to acquire the latest in-demand skills. 79% of data scientists in India are male. 

It should not discourage you, as recent data indicates that women are becoming a competitive force in the data science field. Research also shows that data scientists in India typically have 7 or more years of work experience.

However, there are plenty of data science job opportunities for skilful beginners in the field. So as a data scientist in India, you must have this skill.

Coding languages ​​for Data Scientists

The must-have skillset for a data scientist includes proficiency in Excel, good practical knowledge of statistics and mathematics, confidence in working with visualization tools like Microsoft Power (BI) and Tableau, and, experience in scripting languages, such as Python, SQL, and R.

Data scientists in India use more programming languages, such as PythonR, SAS, and others, And while Python holds the leading popularity in the US and Europe, in India shares the winner’s place with R

But how do you acquire all of these if you’ restarting from scratch? Well, luckily, today, there are many options to learn data science. So easily, you can study these courses from various private sources.

However, if going back to school is not on your agenda, an online certificate program can be the best way to begin your professional journey. And that brings us to the million-dollar question- where to look for a data scientist job India? 

Recognized companies in India

The reality is, it’s hard to do data science for Indian companies since few of them are sophisticated enough and have sufficient data for a thorough analysis. So, of course, the most obvious choice for an aspiring data scientist in India would be the large US and globally recognized companies in the sector. 

Here’s a shortlist of the most prominent players and the locations they’ rehiring at Amazon and Oracle have job openings in Bangalore and Hyderabad; Walmart and IBM – in Bangalore; Google is hiring in their office in Hyderabad

How to stay ahead of the competition

So now, here are some tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition: If you are a college student or fresher, try to get a data science internship, even if it is unpaid. 

Your goal should be to gain industry experience which you will later be able to apply for in your permanent data science job; Must be participating in online data science competitions. 

Thus it will give you the legitimacy to learn and give employers a chance to focus on you; Regularly participate in metaphors of local data science in big cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR and try to network with people. 

This can help you create more opportunities for yourself. We hope you have got some useful information about becoming a data scientist in India. 

Thank you for reading this article and good luck in your data scientist career! In the meantime, if you like this article, then share it with your friends.

Thank you very much for reading this article….

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