How to Make Money from Blogging (Blog full Information)

You must have heard about blogging at some time in your life, and you may have also heard that people also earn money from blogging. But, if you have not been able to know in detail how to make money from blogging, then this article can prove beneficial for you. Remember how much money can be earned from blogging is a different topic.

So have you decided to start blogging, and you also want to make money from blogging, whatever it is, are you impulsive, you are serious about blogging, you are new to the world of blogging, and you want to know how to earn money from blogging, so through this blog post, I will try to make you aware of every step of blogging.

So if you are thinking about blogging then definitely read this blog post till the end. You will need a blog or website, where you can write your blog posts and monetize them.

You can also earn money by writing a piece of informative content on someone else’s blog, where you can charge according to the words.

But I suggest that you create your blog, and publish informative content regularly, this may take time, but definitely, you will succeed in future.

So in this blog post, you will get all the information about creating a blog and monetizing it so that you can earn easily. Know the basic differences between a website and a blog before proceeding.

Blog vs Website

There may be confusion in your mind about the blog and website, let us briefly explain. All blogs are one type of website, but in a blog, often new blog posts are published, which always appears upwards on the web page (New blog posts appear at the top ). Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order.

But, usually, on a website, the static page contains all the content, which is rarely updated. At the same time, a Blog is dynamic, which is updated more frequently by new content and appears at the top of the web page (Blog).

Nowadays, a comprehensive website provides a blog category in the menu bar to educate its customers, and it also helps to rank on Google.

An individual or small group often runs blogs to provide information in a conversational style. A blog can be a website, and a blog, but not every website can be a blog. 

How To Start a Blog to Earn Money

Of course, yes, you can do it; if you have good writing skills, basic blogging ideas, and a little bit of knowledge of on-page / off-page SEO, you can create a money-making blog. Without coding background, you can create a professional money-making blog or website in just a few steps.

But remember, blogging is not so easy, here, many factors work to rank on Google or another search engine, plus you have to connect to social networks to drive traffic to your blog. You must provide well written, unique and informative content (blog posts) daily or weekly on your blog.

It takes years to realize and figure out the whole picture of what is going wrong or right. You can achieve all this through continuous work in the blog.

If you have expertise in any field, and you love blogging, then you can start. Then the question will come to your mind that how to start a blog and start to earn money. 

Not blogging for everyone, it is a time-consuming and challenging process, as I mentioned earlier, which requires a lot of effort and hard work, but nowadays, it is one of the best and most liked works in the world.

So all this will require a platform on the Internet, known as a Blog or Website. Creating a professional Blog requires two main things, Domain name and Hosting, but here also more factors that work together.

So, below are the top ten steps to make money from a blog. So, when your blog runs successfully on the Internet with lots of traffic, only then you can make money from your blog.

  1. Domain Name (Brand Name) with Extension:
  2. Initial Hosting Plan:
  3. Create a blog in WordPress:
  4. Customize Your Blog: (Heading, Menu, Side Bar & Footer):
  5. Create Page: (About us, Contact us & Privacy Policy)
  6. Publish Posts Daily or Weekly:
  7. Verify Your Website and Index on Google:
  8. Apply for Google Adsense (When Organic Traffic Reached):
  9. Join Affiliate Program: (Amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger, BlueHost, Godaddy, HostGator):
  10. Sale E-book or Products on Your Blog:

Introduction to Blogging

Therefore, before knowing how to make money from blogging, you need to understand what blogging is and how many types it has. It would be best if you start blogging on subjects in which you have more knowledge, the niche where you find writing more enjoyable.

Blogging is such a writing skill on any subjects on the web page in which you have good expertness, and then you can write and publish on your website, or other websites, called blogging. Now, these topics or niche can be anything; It depends on your expertise.

It may be about technology, gadgets, gadgets reviews, computer, software, games, sports, finance, education, how-to, cooking, travelling, news, country, and more.

How to create a blog in WordPress

STEP 01: Domain Name:

Domain name is your brand name like ‘netkibaten‘, with extensions like .com, .in, org, .net etc. If you write blog posts in English, .com, .net, and .org are the best. But if your blog is in a regional language (India) then definitely (.in) the best option.

How to make money from blogging
                                                                                                              Free Domain

When purchasing Hosting, you can get a domain name for free most of the time. It will be valid for at least one year and renewed by payment. So do not buy a domain name separately when creating a website.

So here you have to select the hosting plan, in that plan you get all the information about hosting. You can also choose a hosting plan as per your choice, but I would advise you to choose a basic web hosting plan in the beginning.

STEP 02: Initial Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan is one of the best essential parts of a blog; Typically, these main four types of hosting ‘Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud‘ are often used to create blogs. Hosting providers allocate space for your blog on a server. All the websites you have visited are all hosted on a server.

Here, all the data, files of your website are stored. So, it would be best if you always choose branded Hosting, which is more reliable in the industry. These are the top Hosting service provider in India, BlueHost, Hostinger, HostGator, Godaddy, Namecheap, SiteGround.

Hostinger is one of the best hosting service providers in India. Currently, this site ( is hosted on a premium web hosting plan in  Hostinger for four years. You will get a very low-cost hosting plan with a very high-speed website.

When taking a hosting plan in Hostinger, you have to create an account in Hostinger, all you need to do to create an account is to confirm your email ID and password.

Now, you will have to log in to Hostinger and click on ‘Hosting’ at the top of the home page. On the next page, you’ll find the ‘Manage’ option on the right, and your website URL will be on the left. Click on Manage, and the dashboard will appear.

Scroll down, and the Auto installer option will appear. Hostinger Dashboard is known as hPanel; it is somewhat similar to CPanel. But, it is straightforward and user friendly, anyone can understand it.

Earn Money from a blog
                                                                                     Auto Installer in Hostinger

Here, many content management applications will appear after choosing the Auto Installer option on the Hosting account. The Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, Wix, Drupal, MediaWiki, WordPress, are popular blogging platform in the world for creating websites.

But you have to choose WordPress because the most popular websites in the world are built on WordPress, and it has a market share of 35%. Where thousands of free themes, plugins are available, you do not need to know JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML. to create a Blog.

How to create a blog in Hostinger
                                                                                WordPress in Hostinger

STEP 03: Create a Blog in WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms for a professional blog where anybody can create their website without knowledge of coding. But here, you have to need pay for Hosting, and then you can install WordPress.

Make money from Blogging
                                                                      Make money from Blogging

Besides, you can also choose the Blogger Platform of  Google in the beginning. Remember, Blogger not for the professionals, it just for a content writing platform, and you will get less customization option here, if you are not a technical man, then it may be difficult for you in future.

Make Money from a Blog
                                                                                    Make Money from a Blog

Right now, this Blog ( was created on WordPress

STEP 04: Customize a Blog in WordPress

Click on the Dashboard, and now the ‘Edit Website’ option will appear on the Hostinger Dashboard.  Click on the ‘Edit Website‘, automatically you will redirect to WordPress Dashboard, or you can log in by typing wp-admin with the URL of your website.

Here you have to change the blog post format (Permalinks) by click on the ‘Settings’ option in WordPress.

Make money from Blog
                                                                   Change the Permalinks in WordPress

On the WordPress dashboard, you will find a theme option in the ‘Appearance’ Option. Click on the ‘Theme’ and choose the ‘Add new‘ option. As soon as you select ‘Add New’, many of the Themes will appear, click on one of them, install and activate the Theme. Now you can customize the theme according to your website.

Make a Blog in WordPress
                                                                                     Make a Blog in WordPress

The customize option will appear in the Appearance option to customize the blog. By choosing Customize, you can easily create Top menu bar, Category menu bar, Main Sidebar and Footer, and more.

If you are new, it may take time to optimize the blog in WordPress in the initial period. But once you get used to customizing websites in WordPress, it will become effortless for you.

STEP 05: Create Essential Pages

When you go to monetize your blog with Google Adsense or Affiliate Program, it is essential to have some important pages in your blog. Especially when you want to monetize blogs with Google Adsense. These pages are ‘About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

To create a page, you have to choose the ‘Page’ option and click ‘Add new’. After that, you have to name the page and write about that page, but you will find the plugins for the ‘Contact us page.

This plugin will be available with the name of ‘Contact Form 7’, just you have to paste code on your contact page, and click on the publish button.

Install Essential Plugins

The essential plugins for your website are Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Classic Editor, Akmyset, Litespeed. To install plugins, select the plugin and click the ‘add new‘ option. Install and activate the Plugins. In the future, if you need any other plugins, install them in the same way.

Make Money from Blogging
                                                                               Add New Plugins: Make Money from Blogging

STEP 06: Publish Blog Posts Daily or Weekly

To publish the content, click on the ‘Posts’ and select the ‘Add new‘ option, start writing your article and after completion, click on the ‘Publish‘ button.

You have to write a blog post daily or weekly on your favourite topic or niche. When you write on any topic, try to give all the information available on that topic in detail in the blog post.

Try to write a blog post of at least 500 words or more, today the competition is very high, you have to explain that topic in detail so that readers do not need to read any more articles on that topic.

You should consistently publish quality content for valuable readers. It can take time to rank on Google, do not try to write on your keywords, you can use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research for free, besides many other tools available, you can use for keyword research.

STEP 07: Verify Site Ownership on Google

You must complete the verification process of ownership of your site on Google Search Console. For this, enter your domain on the Google Search Console page and click Continue.

Make Money From Blogging
                                                                          Add URL: Make Money From Blogging

Next, you will find the code, paste it on the website and verify. Verifying site ownership on Google Search Console is very important. It is impossible to rank on Goole without it.

STEP 08: Start Earning from Your Blog

Google Adsense: You’ve created all the necessary pages for your blog, also published more than 50 unique well-written articles, and verified the site in Google Search Console. You have also submitted a sitemap to Google.

If you are getting more than 3000 organic traffic to your blog, then you are ready to earn money from your blog. All you need to do is create a Google Adsense account and submit your blog for approval.

If Google approves your blog to run ads, then your blog is ready to make money.  The more traffic to your website, the more revenue you will receive.

Besides, there are many other ad networks available on the Internet, such as Taboola, Mgid,, you can get a lot of revenue by connecting to their platform.

Affiliate Program: If you want to earn money from the affiliate program, then join Amazon Associate Program. If you are a passionate reviewer and want to mention a link to Amazon products to your audience in your blog, then you may be the right fit.

You must complete the sign up for the Amazon Associate Program, and the Amazon support team will review your application, and get approved. You will get some percentage when the product is sold through the link.

Besides Amazon, you can join other affiliate programs, and you will have to write articles accordingly and give a link in the blog. If someone buys through the link, you will get a commission. In this way, you can earn money.

Sell e-Book: If you specialize in a subject, it can be in any category, and you have created a course for readers, you can sell it through a blog. You can also earn from sponsored posts, and displaying banner ads on your web page.

Meaning that once your site starts getting millions of traffic, there are many options to make money from blogs on the Internet.

CONCLUSION: This was the full information that how to create a blog on WordPress and make money from blogging. If you get a hosting plan from Hostinger (Premium Web Hosting), you also get a domain name for free.

Apart from this, how you can install WordPress in Hostinger Dashboard is also explained in this blog. All of these are explained in detail on how to install Themes, Plugins in WordPress, and how to customize a Blog.

After creating the blog, how to verify in Google Search Console and how to submit it to Google Adsense for approving site, are explained.

Before this, how many posts you have to write for Google Adsense approval have also been explained. Another best option to earn money from blogs is an affiliate program, which is also explained in this blog post.

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