How to Unlock Locked SBI Internet Banking Access through Yono

SBI’s Internet banking service provides its users with a wide range of banking facilities. To avail of these banking facilities, you must enter a username and password. But if you enter the wrong password thrice, your account will be locked for one day, and you will not be able to access online banking.

But, you can access your locked SBI internet banking within seconds by entering your profile password or ATM card details, i.e. ATM card number and PIN. 

If you do not know how to create a profile password, choose the profile password, which is explained step-by-step in detail. You can quickly access locked internet banking through the SBI Yono app, which I have mentioned below, step by step.

How to Unlock Locked SBI Internet Banking

You can unlock SBI-locked internet banking access in two main ways. One on the official site of SBI and the other through SBI Yono. But now, how you can unlock internet banking access through the YONO app is mentioned below.

How to unlock locked SBI internet banking access

Step 01: Open your SBI Yono app, and try to log in with your Internet banking credentials or M-PIN.

Step 02: Here, the message ‘Your access has been locked’ will appear, and to unlock the application, kindly follow the process by clicking unlock.

Step 03: You will find two options below the message, Cancel or Unlock; click Unlock.

Step 04: On clicking unlock, the following screen will appear. Here, you have to enter your Internet banking username and profile password. Otherwise, you can do it by entering the ATM card number and ATM PIN. Click on Next.

Step 05: Now, set your new INB password and confirm. On confirmation, the OTP number will be received on your registered mobile number.

Step 06:  Enter OTP and click Next, and your locked account will remain unlocked.

These are simple ways to unlock locked internet banking access in SBI; if for some reason the account gets locked, you can unlock it this way through the SBI Yono app.

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