How To Withdraw Cash Without a Debit Card From SBI ATM Through Yono

SBI Account Holders Can Withdraw Cash Without A Debit Card From SBI ATM Every Month At No Charge. If the cash withdrawal limit exceeded, then you have to pay a minimum charge. But now, SBI account holders who use their ‘Yono’ app facility for cardless withdrawal from SBI ATMs, do not have to pay any fees for ATM transactions.

Yono Cash is a service offered by State Bank of India that helps customers to withdraw cash from a particular SBI ATMs without using a debit card. This can be done through the SBI Yono app.

Firstly, the customer needs to have an account with SBI, the account holder needs to download the Yono app login using your SBI NetBanking’ user ID and password ‘, create 6 digit MPIN for secure login in the future. If you do not have a NetBanking user ID and password, you can use your debit card. If you do not know how to create SBI BHIM UPI ID then read here


After login, scroll down, click on the ‘Yono Cash’ option Next click on the “ATM” tab and enter the amount (minimum transaction 500 rupees and maximum 10,000 per transaction, (20.000/- per day allowed) you want to withdraw.

As of now, there are no charges for the cardless cash withdrawal facility. Set a Yono Cash PIN and you get a Yono cash transaction number on your registered mobile number. 

Go to any advanced SBI ATM, where you will see the sticker YONO Cash, select ‘YONO CASH’ just below the ATM screen, Enter your specific amount, 6-digit PIN and transaction number. In this way, you can complete your SBI Cardless withdrawal from SBI ATM through YONO App

SBI customers can withdraw more than their daily withdrawal limit using the SBI debit card as well as the YONO cash facility. SBI customers can avail of both facilities.

SBI customers can withdraw cash from their ATMs without the debit card “Yono Cash” facility. This facility will help the account holders who do not have ATM card and need to visit the bank branch for cash.


It also helps those who are concerned with ATM card cloning and tries to avoid using ATM cards for cash. With YONO Cash, SBI facilitates card-less cash withdrawal through its YONO platform.

SBI customer has to generate a transaction number as well as PIN number through YONO App to withdraw money from ATMs enabled for ‘YONO Cash‘ within 4 hours.

There is a limitation of using ATM cards for cash withdrawal, that they can withdraw money without paying any fee, but if the limit is exceeded, then charges have to be applied.

So naturally, a question arises as to whether withdrawals through ‘Yono cash‘ facility will be considered for calculating maximum cash withdrawals through ATMs.

SBI recently answered this question on the official Twitter handle, stating that the maximum allowable stating that the maximum number of YONO cash withdrawal limit is above the ATM card limit. 

YONO Cash is a facility offered by State bank of India; customers can withdraw cash from a Yono cash enabled SBI ATM without using an ATM card. This can be done through the SBI’s YONO app.

This is very useful for customers who often forget their debit card. In addition, the YONO cash facility is very secure and the cash withdrawal fee is also low. Customers get the facility of cardless.

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Follow these steps for Yono Cash in SBI

Step1: For this facility, the customer should have an account with SBI

Step 2: For this, SBI account holders have to download the YONO app, create an account by giving NetBanking user ID, password or debit card details. You can easily use YONO app by setting 6-digit MPIN for secure login.

Step 3: The SBI account holder has to click on the ‘Yono Cash’ option

Step 4: If withdrawing from an ATM, click on the “ATM” tab and enter the amount which should be at least 500, The maximum limit per transaction is ₹10,000, and maximum ₹20,000 per day is allowed.

Step 5: Next, you have to create 6 digits YONO cash pin for the transaction.

Secondly, you will receive a six-digit reference or transaction number on your registered mobile through an SMS. You have to enter this reference number to complete the cardless cash withdrawal.

CONCLUSION: SBI savings account holders enjoy a fixed number of cash withdrawals per month from ATMs at a fixed number of fees. If the number of transactions exceeds the limit, the account holders will have to pay a fee. But SBI account holders who use their YONO facility for cardless withdrawal do not have to pay any fee for ATM transactions.


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