ICICI Campus Power – Benefits, Top features for Students

ICICI Bank has announced a digital platform, i.e. ‘Campus Power,’ to help students seeking higher education in India and abroad. It is also going to help the entire education ecosystem like parents, students and other institutions. This digital platform will benefit the entire education ecosystem to access higher studies, loans, courses, exams, other educational information and banking assistance.

This new platform will provide all financial-related products to the students which will suit their needs including bank accounts, overseas accounts, education loans, payment solutions, forex solutions, investments, other loans etc.

Apart from this, the “Campus Power” digital platform will provide information on various value-added services related to higher studies in India and abroad.

What is Campus Power?

Campus Power is a digital platform designed to provide various educational and financial services to Indian and international schools, including financing, payment, collection, investment and insurance. So, it is the One-stop destination for students who are willing to go for higher studies in India and abroad.

Various services are included for students, such as funding for education, assistance locating courses and universities, helping students prepare themselves for exams, offering debit/credit cards and creating an overseas student account etc.

ICICI Campus Power benefits

Campus Power top features

The top feature of the Campus Power digital platform for students is given below which is as follows.

  • The portal Campus Power is designed to provide parents with education loans and remittance services to assist them in their child’s educational journey.
  • The Campus Power portal also provides value-added services relating to higher education in India and internationally, including in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Germany.
  • This digital platform assists students with various useful information such as university location, admission advice, exam planning, international accommodation and travel assistance from listed partners.

Benefits of Campus Power services

The ‘Campus Power’ digital platform unveiled by ICICI Bank offers value-added features along with banking services for students, parents and institutions:

Speaking at the launch, Sudipta Roy said, Head – Unsecured Asset, ICICI Bank: “We believe that the benefits of our products and services should be available to all students and their parents, irrespective of whether they are ICICI Bank customers or not. This launch aims to provide a holistic experience to the students and their parents and help them fulfil their dreams.”

The following are the benefits of Campus Power that will be available to all students, parents and institutions: It provides curated solutions to students willing to pursue higher studies in India and abroad. Services include:

  • Funding education.
  • Locating courses and universities.
  • Helping students prepare themselves for exams.
  • Providing debit/credit cards and creating an overseas student account.

To aid in the child’s education journey, ‘Campus Power’ provides parents with education loans and remittance services. They also have other savings accounts, investment products, and travel and health insurance solutions.

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