Jackfruits Growing States in India: Know more about Jackfruits

Today in this blog, you will get complete information about jackfruits growing states in India, including uses, taste, climate for jackfruit tree, cultivation area and much more.

Many kinds of healthy beneficial properties are found in Jackfruits. Their shape also is found in different form as well as taste. Most of the jackfruit pulps taste is a delightfully rich juicy sweet taste. 

Jackfruit is eaten in two forms, raw Jackfruit, initially as a vegetable and later, ripe (matured) Jackfruit as a fruit in India. 

Remember, it is not liked at all in the USA, but it is quite liked in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

jackfruits growing states in India

If you do not have to read this article in full, then the answer to any question related to Jackfruit is given below.

Jackfruits uses

It is one of the most abundant fruits in the world. Jackfruit is not only used for making vegetables but is also used in making pickles, koftas etc. Matured Jackfruit is most preferred as a fruit. Jackfruit is eaten in three main forms in India.

  • Ripe Jackfruits
  • Raw Jackfruits
  • Jackfruit Seeds

Besides this, jackfruit wood is also perfect for home furniture such as door, window, wardrobe, bed, showcase, etc. So we will learn about all these in detail below.

Ripe Jackfruits

Ripe Jackfruit pulps

There are many aromatic, delicious sweet pulp inside the ripe Jackfruit, which is eaten as a fruit. There are many medicinal properties found in the Jackfruit pulps. 

The flesh of Jackfruit is full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron etc. It is very beneficial for health.

Ripe jackfruit is often eaten in West Bengal. However, ripe Jackfruit is the most popular in various regions in India and other Asian countries. Some are very good in taste, and some are not good.

Jackfruit Seeds

There is also a seed available in every pulp. These seeds of Jackfruit, dried in sunlight or roasted, are also eaten by making curries in some provinces of India.

Jackfruit seeds contain protein that aids muscle building. The protein found in Jackfruit is entirely free of cholesterol. The powder of jackfruit seeds is a rich source of fibre.

Raw Jackfruits

According to its taste, raw jackfruits vegetable has great importance in Indian cuisine. It is not available throughout the year and is sold at high prices in the market in India.

jackfruit growing states in India

You can eat two to three months of Jackfruit as a vegetable, and after ripening, a sweet taste and full of flavour flesh pulp, you can eat.

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Jackfruits growing states in India

The Jackfruit is found in many states of India, mainly in the northeastern state of Assam & Tripura; besides, it is also found in West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Tripura is the centre of maximum jackfruit production in India. More than half of the whole Jackfruit is supplied from this state to other regions.

Kerala is one of the best regions where the Jackfruit found is the largest size. Jackfruit in Bangladesh has a national fruit status, and it is also found in abundance.

Jackfruit tree

You will find more jackfruit trees in some areas in India; these trees are planted around villages; It takes many years to produce fruit on the jackfruit tree. 

It takes at least seven to eight years (approximately) to grow, depending on soil fertility.

The jackfruit tree is planted chiefly on slightly higher mixed soil ground, and there should be no water around the tree and; if water remains, a drainage system will be required.

Climate for Jackfruit

It is best if the groundwater level is typically below 50/100 feet, which helps it to rise. Jackfruit is grown in a hot and humid climate.

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Jackfruit Availability

Jackfruit is available in India for three to four months of the year. It is generally from March to July

The first one or two months are eaten as jackfruit vegetable, curry, pickle etc. Then in the next two months, Jackfruit will mature and ripen, then the Jackfruit is eaten as a fruit. 

Jackfruit planting process

Before planting, the soil is prepared by thoroughly ploughing the land with the help of organic manure. The jackfruit plant is then grown at a distance of 15X15 feet (approx).

Initially, watering will be necessary once in two weeks. As the plant grows, watering the plant will have to be reduced. 

There is no need to provide water every day. Organic fertilizer has to be given once in three to four months.

Time for the jackfruit on the tree

Jackfruit tree takes about 7/8 years to grow; only then Jackfruit can be found. There are many types of Jackfruit found in various regions of India.

Benefits of Jackfruit

Ripe Jackfruit has many medicinal properties and contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, etc.

It is very beneficial for health, and jackfruit pulp is rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Potassium found in Jackfruit, which protects against heart-related diseases. It is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

It is a good source of iron which prevents anaemia. Its use also controls blood circulation.

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Jackfruit leaves

Jackfruit leaves are very healthy for animal feed, and goat leaves are highly desirable for goats.


Wood is very beneficial for home furniture, like a window, Door, Wood-Bed, Almirah etc. There is good value in the Indian market. 

SUMMARY: The jackfruit tree is found in many regions of India as well as worldwide. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh. 

Jackfruit is eaten as a vegetable, and after being ripen eaten as a fruit. This fruit is available in certain months of the year, from February to June/July.

The pulp of a ripe jackfruit is sweet to taste and full of aroma. It has some medicinal properties which are very beneficial for health. But this sweet to taste and aroma can sometimes be annoying.

Q; Which state of India has the highest production of jackfruit?

A; The largest production of jackfruit in Tripura state of India

Q: Name of the country where jackfruit is the national fruit

A; Bangladesh

Q; In which state of India is jackfruit cultivated?

A: Jackfruit is cultivated in the states of Tripura, Assam, Bihar, UP, MP & Kerala.

Q; In which month is jackfruit produced in India?

A:Jackfruit is produced in India from March to July.

Q: Is Jackfruit popular around the world?

A: No, jackfruit is not popular everywhere in the world, it is most popular only in Asian countries, like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, India etc.

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