PCS All Post List – PCS Top Post, Highest Salary

PCS all post list

Provincial Civil Service is the full form of PCS and it is one of the most prestigious administrative jobs at the state level in India. To get a PCS job, candidates must qualify “Provincial Civil Service Examination” which is conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

There are various posts in different government departments which are divided into categories and work at sub-division, divisional, district and state levels. Initially, PCS officers work at the block level after completing their training period.

Generally, they work under the state government in revenue administration and law and order supervision. Furthermore, they are also responsible for implementing various government schemes in the state.

PCS officers are well paid by the state government and their pay scale is determined based on the state in which they are working. So, the salary of a PCS officer can vary in each state. More details about the state PCS post, their salary and other aspects will be mentioned below.

List of All PCS Posts

The list of all the various posts in the state PCS is generally divided into groups A, B, C and D. Group A is considered to be the most coveted post in the state. The list of all PCS posts is given below.

Group A:
  • Deputy Collector
  • Deputy Magistrate
  • Block Development Officer
  • Revenue Service Officer
  • Labour Service Officer
  • Co-operative Service Officer
  • Employment Service Officer
  • Food and Supplies Service Officer
Group B:
  1. Deputy Superintend of Police
  2. Assistant Superintend of Police
  3. Inspector-General of Police
  4. Police Inspector
  5. Sub Divisional Police Officer
  6. Senior Superintendent of Police
  7. Jail Superintendent
  8. Forest Officer
Group C:
  • Joint Block Development Officer
  • Junior Social Welfare Service Officer
  • Correctional Home Service Officer
  • Land Revenue Service Officer
  • Chief Controller of Correctional Services
  • Deputy Assistant Director
  • Commercial Tax Officer
  • District Cane Officer (U.P.)
Group D:
  1. Inspector of Co-operative Societies
  2. Panchayat Development Officer
  3. Rehabilitation officer
  4. Assistant Employment Officer
  5. District Social Welfare Officer

Note: The post names of the above-stated PCS posts may differ due to their state’s regional objectives and cultural differences.

PCS Top Post List

Listed above are all Group “A” posts that are considered to be the top rank in provincial civil services. They must have secured good marks in the state PSC exam for the Group A categories.

Hence, categories A, B, C and D are divided based on marks obtained in the examination. Toppers come under the A category and B, C and D categories follow the same rules. The top PCS rank is as follows:

  1. Deputy Magistrate
  2. Deputy Collector
  3. Revenue Service Officer
  4. Block Development Officer
  5. Labour Service Officer
  6. Co-operative Service Officer
  7. Food and Supplies Service Officer
  8. Employment Service Officer

PCS Post Salary

The highest salary of a PCS officer varies from state to state, for example, the pay scale of PCS officers in UP is lower as compared to other states. However, PCS officers enjoy similar facilities in all Indian states.

The scale of all the states is generally classified into two parts, Junior and Senior. The expected monthly salary for Recruiting Officers (Junior/Senior) is given below.

PCS PostsPositionExpected Salary (monthly)
Group A, B, C & DJuniorRs 55000/- Rs 75000/- + other allowances
Group A, B, C & DSeniorRs 75000/- Rs 135000/- + other allowances
What is the minimum qualification for PCS jobs?

The minimum qualification is to graduate in any branch from a recognized board.

How many times can I attempt the PSC exam?

You can try up to 5 times.

What is the age limit for the PSC examination?

The minimum age limit for the PSC examination is 18 to 35 years.

What is the minimum pass mark for the PSC examination?

The minimum passing mark is 40%.

What are the maximum marks in the PSC examination?

The maximum mark in the PSC examination is 300.

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