QR Cash Withdrawal in SBI ATM | SBI QR Cash Withdrawal through YONO Lite

SBI has introduced a QR cash withdrawal facility for its customers in SBI ATMs through the YONO Lite app. Hence, SBI customers do not need to carry an ATM card in their wallet for cash withdrawal. Instead, they can withdraw cash by QR code scanning at SBI ATM through the YONO lite application.

So it’s the most significant update by the State bank of India, where the customers of SBI can avail of this facility by using the YONO Lite App on their smartphones.

The SBI Yono Lite app is also a handy app for customers, launched in India a few years ago; the app is just a few MBs and is very fast to load.

What is QR Cash?

QR Cash is a banking service that allows customers to withdraw cash from ATMs. Here you don’t need to insert your debit card, and you can withdraw cash from ATM without your debit card. State Bank of India provides this facility through the YONO Lite app. So, to avail of this facility, you need to download and install the YONO Lite application on your mobile.

It offers a wide range of services such as Yono Cash, UPI Transfer, Quick Transfer, Bill Payment, Online Nomination, e-Deposit and more banking services for customers. These are the top banking services through the SBI Yono Lite app.

  • Funds Transfer Within Self Accounts
  • Third-Party Transfer Within SBI
  • Inter-Bank Transfer ( RTGS / NEFT / IMPS)
  • Yono cash withdrawal
  • QR cash withdrawal
  • UPI transfer
  • Quick transfer and donations
  • Balance enquiry
  • Fund transfer
  • e-deposits
  • Bill payment
  • Recharge

QR Cash withdrawal is an excellent service, which is newly added in the Yono Lite. So, if you have an account with SBI, you can get this feature through the Yono Lite app.

QR Cash Withdrawal in SBI

So, if you are an SBI account holder, you can avail yourself of this facility through the YONO LITE app. So you have to download and install it on your smartphones from the Google Play store. 

Log in with your Internet banking credentials, such as customer ID and password or M-PIN. You will find this option at the top left of the home page on the Yono Lite app.

QR cash withdrawal in Yono Lite

You have to click on the ‘QR Cash Withdrawal‘ option, and the phone’s scanner will start scanning the OR code. But here, you will not get the QR code to scan; visit the Updated SBI ATM to withdraw cash through QR code scanning. You don’t need to enter OTP, UPI ID, or UPI PIN for cash withdrawal through the QR cash withdrawal feature.

SBI QR Cash Withdrawal – Through YONO Lite

Here are the simple steps to withdraw cash using the QR Cash option at SBI ATM. You can withdraw cash without a debit card by using the QR cash withdrawal option in the YONO Lite app.

Step 1: For QR Cash facilities, go to any advanced SBI ATM and click on the QR CASH option on the ATM screen.

SBI QR Cash Withdrawal

Step 2: Enter the amount you agree to withdraw. Here, you will get only two options for withdrawal, Rs.2000/- and Rs.4000/-. Click on the desired amount, and a QR code will appear on the ATM screen.

QR Cash Withdrawal Amount in SBI

Step 3: Now, open your Yono Lite app and click on the QR Cash Withdrawal option. Here, you have to allow the camera to scan the QR code on your smartphone. The scanner of the smartphone will scan the QR code.


Step 4: After completing the scanning process, click on the Continue option, which will appear on the ATM. After a while, the amount you entered for withdrawal will be received from the ATM.

QR Cash Withdrawal in SBI

The QR cash withdrawal option is the easiest for the users compared to the previous Yono cash as it has to complete a few steps for cardless cash withdrawal from SBI ATM.

This way, you can get the cardless facility in SBI through the Yono Lite app. If you have not updated Yono Lite, it may not appear, so you will have to update the app to get this option.

Yono Lite SBI Services

  1. Debit card Hostlisting
  2. Manage Debit Cards Access Channels
  3. Manage Limits for Debit Card Transactions
  4. Aadhaar Linking
  5. Cheque Book Request
  6. Online Nomination
  7. TDS enquiry
  8. Submit 15G / 15H Online
  9. Manage UPI Account
  10. Change Maturity Instructions for e-deposit

Besides, here you can enable/disable your UPI account at any time by selecting the ‘UPI Transfer’ option. 

All you Need for Yono Lite SBI

The smartphone requires an Android operating system and version 4.2 or above and an internet connection to operate the Yono Lite app. Create an MPIN for quick login or an Internet Banking username and password. It is good that you keep the SBI YONO Lite app open beforehand to avoid ATM screen timeout issues.

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Q: What is QR cash Withdrawal in SBI?

A: QR Cash withdrawal is a cardless ATM cash withdrawal service in SBI. You can withdraw cash by scanning the QR code at designated SBI ATMs through the YONO Lite app.

Q: What is the daily limit for QR cash withdrawal in SBI?

A: SBI Bank customers can withdraw a maximum of Rs 10,000/- from SBI ATMs using the QR Cash feature in the YONO Lite app. But, it may change over time.

Q: Who can use the QR cash withdrawal option in SBI?

A: SBI customers can use the QR cash withdrawal feature on their smartphones through the YONO Lite app.

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