SBI Bank Statement PDF – How To Download SBI Bank Statement PDF on Mobile

State Bank India offers various online banking facilities for its customers, and SBI Bank Statement PDF is one of them. You don’t need to visit the SBI branch for the bank statement. You can download SBI Bank Statement in PDF on your mobile in a few steps using Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Mobile App etc.

SBI is one of the largest banks in India and has more than 22,000 branches across India. Besides, there are countless online banking services that you can access on your mobile phone.

So if you need it for any purpose, then this article will help you to download SBI Account Statement PDF on your mobile in many ways.

Why Need SBI Bank Statement PDF?

SBI Bank Statement is essential when you are applying for a bank loan. You need to attach the latest three or six months’ bank statements of your account with your loan application form. It will show all your transaction records and it helps in deciding your financial behaviour.

But personally, you should also check the credit and debit details of your account from time to time. Besides, all banks are also required to maintain transaction history in future as bank statements.

How To Download SBI Bank Statement PDF?

It is very simple, you can do it in three main ways through the mobile banking app very fast. But, you have to download it from the Google play store or Apple store.

These three apps are YONO SBI, SBI Quick and YONO Lite SBI. Apart from this, you can also download the bank statement through SBI Internet Banking.

Following are the simple steps to download SBI bank statements in PDF through the mobile app.

  • YONO Lite SBI
  • SBI Quick
Sbi Bank Statement
Sbi Bank Statement

Steps To Download SBI Bank Statements PDF By YONO

This is one of the best mobile banking applications provided by SBI. Not only can you download SBI Bank Account Statement, but there are also many online services available to you as well. So, download and install the YONO SBI app from the Google Play Store.

Log in with your SBI Net Banking username and password or by entering debit card details. Here, you can download Bank Statements for up to 150 transactions in PDF.

It will be password protected for security purposes. To open it you have to enter your birth date and next to the last four digits of your mobile number.

Download SBI Bank Statement by YONO SBI

1: Tap on the ‘Accounts‘ option.

Download SBI Bank Statement

2: On the next screen, click on the arrow icon.

Download SBI Bank Statement by YONO SBI

3: You will get the download option, tap on and it will start to download in PDF.

Download SBI Bank Statement

After downloading, you can get it by entering your password on your mobile.

SBI Bank Statement PDF Download Through SBI Quick

This is another great way to download bank statements. You need to download SBI Quick App. Here, you can download up to six months’ bank statements. Given below are the easy steps to download the SBI bank statements.

One time registration is required to request the following services in SBI Quick app. These are balance enquiry, bank statement and cheque book. Click here for more details on how to register for the SBI Quick app.

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bank/Mini Statement
  • Cheque Book
SBI Bank Statement
SBI Bank Statement

1: Open SBI Quick App. Tap on the ‘Account Services‘ Option.

2: On the next screen, tap on the 6-month e-Statement option. You must have a registered email address with your bank account. Because it will be downloaded to your email address.

3: Enter your account number and 4-digit passcode. A passcode is required to open the PDF file of the bank statement. Tap on Submit. The PDF file of the Bank Statement will be downloaded to your registered email address.

Steps To Download SBI Bank Statement By YONO Lite

YONO Lite SBI is also a great app and you will find here a QR code cash withdrawal option, which makes it unique. If you want to know how QR Cash Withdrawal works, check here. Follow the steps given below to download SBI Bank Statement.

1: Open the YONO Lite app with your Net banking username and password.

SBI Bank Statement
SBI Bank Statement

2: Tap on the ‘My Accounts‘ Option. On the next screen select the ‘View / Download Statement‘ option. The next screen will appear.

SBI Bank statement by Yono Lite SBI

3: Here, you have to select your account number and set the details period by selecting the ‘Start Date and End Date‘.

4: Tap on the ‘Download‘ option. It will be downloaded on your mobile. But, If you want to view only then select the ‘View‘ option. Here also up to 150 transactions will be downloaded.

How to Download SBI Bank Statement PDF Through Net Banking?

SBI Net Banking is one of the most powerful platforms in the online banking sector. Here, you have to need to activate net banking for your Username and password. Once activated, you will get a Username and password.

1: Login to with your username and password. You will receive OTP, enter OTP and click on submit option.

2: Click on the ‘Account Statement‘ option. Enter the statement period and select the ‘Download in PDF Format’ option.

3: Next, click on the ‘Go‘ option. It will be downloaded on your Mobile and that is all.

Check here – SBI Mini Statement Download


SBI Bank Statement PDF download is a straightforward process, and you can download the bank statement through your mobile phone in just a few steps. But, first, you need to install one of those apps to download the bank statement on your mobile phone. YONO SBI and YONO Lite apps are the best options for you to download.

Q: What will be included in the SBI Bank Statement?

A: A SBI bank statement contains a list of all transactions of your account over a specified period. The bank statement includes deposits, fees, withdrawals, and balances.

Q: Are there any charges for the SBI bank statement request?

A: Yes, there will be a charge for bank statements, it can range from Rs 50 to Rs 100. But SBI’s Mini Statement is absolutely free.

Q: Which is the easiest way to download the SBI bank statement?

A: Yono Lite SBI app is the easiest way to download SBI bank Statements.

Q: How can I get easily 6 months bank statement in SBI?

A: You can easily get 6 months bank statement in SBI through SBI Quick App.

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