YONO Cash Withdrawal – How to Withdraw Money from ATM without Card

SBI YONO is a versatile and all-in-one app that provides various digital banking services to its customers. YONO Cash Withdrawal is one of them where you can withdraw money from the State Bank ATM without a debit card. So, if you want to know about YONO cash withdrawal, then this step-by-step guide will help you.

So, you need to install the YONO SBI app on your mobile and login using your ATM card details or SBI internet banking Username and Password.

There is a limit for withdrawing money from an ATM using a debit card, and if this limit is exceeded, a fee has to be paid. But all these rules can change over time. But, there is no charge if you use the YONO Cash option for cash withdrawal.

What is YONO Cash Withdrawal?

YONO Cash is a service offered by SBI that helps users withdraw cash from the SBI ATM without inserting a debit card. Users do not need to use a debit card; they can withdraw cash without an ATM card through the YONO App.

SBI YONO Cash Withdrawal from SBI ATM

It is beneficial for those who often forget their debit card. Moreover, the YONO Cash facility is straightforward and secure.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM without ATM Card?

You have to select the YONO Cash Withdrawal option in the YONO app and after that, visit any State Bank ATM to withdraw cash. Following are the details of ATM withdrawal without a debit card through the YONO app. Step by step guide is given below.

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1: You must have an account with SBI.

2: Download the SBI YONO app from Google Play Store, and log in with your username and password or enter the debit card details. You can also set a 6-digit MPIN set for ease of use.

YONO Cash Withdrawal

3:  Click on the ‘YONO Cash’ option, which appears on the home page.

YONO Cash Withdrawal

4: Select the “ATM” option.

5: On the next screen, enter the amount, which should be at least Rs 500, The maximum limit per transaction is ₹10,000, and a maximum of ₹20,000 per day is allowed. It may change over time.

Yono Cash withdrawal

6: Next, you have to create a six-digit YONO CASH PIN for the transaction. Tap on the Next option.

How to withdraw cash from ATM without card

7: Next, review the details and tick the terms box. Tap on Confirm.

8: You will receive a six-digit reference or transaction number on your registered mobile through an SMS.

SBI YONO Cash Withdrawal from SBI ATM

9: Visit the nearest State bank ATM and click on the ‘YONO CASH’ Option.

10: You have to enter the reference number (transaction number) and press the button to confirm it.

11: Enter the amount you entered earlier and confirm it.

12: Here, you need to enter a six-digit YONO Cash PIN to withdraw cash and Confirm it.

Now the amount will be withdrawn from the ATM, in this way you can withdraw cash from ATM without a debit card.

YONO Cash Benefits:

It also helps users related to ATM card cloning and tries to avoid using ATM cards for cash. Along with the YONO Cash option, SBI offers a card-less cash withdrawal facility through its YONO platform.

There is a limit to using an ATM card for cash withdrawal, but the fee will have to be applied if the limit is exceeded. But here (YONO Cash), you can withdraw money without any transaction fee.

Q: What are the YONO Cash facility limit per transaction and per day

A: The minimum transaction amount limit is Rs.500, and the maximum is Rs.10,000 and is allowed up to Rs.20,000/- per day.

Q: Are there any charges for YONO cash withdrawal?

A: As of now, there is no charge for the YONO cash withdrawal facility.

Q: Where to find the YONO cash transaction number?

A; First, set up a YONO Cash PIN, and after that, you will get a YONO Cash transaction number on your registered mobile number.

Q: Do all SBI ATMs work for YONO cash withdrawal?

A; No, you have to visit any advanced SBI ATM where you will see the YONO Cash sticker. YONO Cash’ will be written on the lower right side of the ATM screen.

Q; Can I withdraw money anytime by generating a PIN through the YONO Cash facility?

A: No, you have to withdraw money from ATM by generating transaction numbers and PIN through ‘YONO Cash’ within 4 hours.

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YONO Cash facility is beneficial for those users who often forget their ATM cards. You can complete your cardless cash withdrawal from SBI ATMs through YONO App. In addition, you can withdraw more than your daily withdrawal limit using SBI Debit Card and YONO Cash facility.

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