Complete Guide for Dell SFF Desktop Buyers

If you are not tech-savvy, your wrong decision will remind you again and again in the future. The digital world is constantly evolving and changing into a new shape. 

Buying the right small dell desktop does not require much experience; You can buy it easily by getting the correct information. 

Many branded company fulfil these small form factor desktop configurations in a variety of models in the market.

The complete guide for dell desktop buyers

Today in this blog post, we will describe only the new generation core i3 and i5 small form factor desktops of the Dell brand.

These small desktops are in a compact design, known as mini, SFF, and micro; these models fit in very little space and are as powerful as the tower desktop.

We will also describe their cons and pros in terms of future upgrades and determine whether it is worth the money or not. Today, we will provide complete information for buyers.

The complete guide for dell desktop buyers

Therefore, when you buy a desktop, you should keep in mind your budget, which will suit you. In such a situation, there are many types of Desktop models available.

Never buy old generation desktop models; if you find the latest generation models in the market, then definitely go with that.

Right now, a variety of latest generation dell desktops are not available on e-commerce sites; it will take even longer to arrive. If available, we will provide the product link.

If not available on an e-commerce site, you should buy from the manufacturer website by selecting the customizing option as you like. 

However, you will find various ell desktop models, like Vostro, Inspiron, Optiplex, Alienware and Precision. 

Precision, Alienware, and Optiplex models come with many customization options on their official site. These models are for professionals, and you can customize them to make them powerful.

Suppose you are a content creator or gamer. In that case, you should go for a dedicated graphics card with an Optiplex tower model of a power supply unit of at least 300W or more. 

The complete guide for dell desktop buyers

Generally, the PSU of most SFF desktops comes with a maximum of 200W, which is not enough for any dedicated graphics card.

A small form factor desktop with IGPU has enough power to perform tasks such as email, editing YouTube videos, audio editing, web surfing, and word processing. 

I personally use the dell Vostro model Core i5 SFF desktop; It has 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TD HDD. Later I upgraded it with RAM and a video card.

Before picking up an SFF desktop, you have to look at processor types, Generationstorage (SSD + HDD),  PSU and RAM.

If you go with the windows 10 (Home) operating system, the price will be reduced by five to six thousand. Besides, you can reduce the cost by reducing the service warranty period.

Be sure to check a complete specification before purchasing the desktop, such as PSU wattage, PCIe X16 slots, Processor models, RAM & Generation.

Dell SFF Desktop Pros, Cons

Dell SFF Desktop ProsDell SFF Desktop Cons
Lightweight and space-saving size: You can fit it in any small space and carry it in your single hand.Processing power: Hardware specifications and processing power are typically reduced in small desktops.
Performance: The performance will be similar to the tower model.Less space: Installing a standard powerful graphics card on a mini-desktop can be a problem. It has less space, can not fit a standard graphic ard.
You can upgrade it with RAM and a video card, but it has limitation.PSU size: Small desktops have a small power supply unit (200 W) by default; This model can be only suitable for low profile graphic cards.
Low power consumption: Small form factor PC components are smaller than the tower model. The amount of energy required to operate an SFF PC is minimal.You cannot customize the dell Vostro and Inspiron on the chassis options of the Core i3 models.
Aesthetic: Small form factor PCs are sleek, slim, and adapt to the aesthetic appeal of even the minimal design.Small desktops are less suitable for running complex or resource-intensive applications and games.

Benefits of branded desktop

When you buy a PC on their official website, you get options to customize the specification.

01: Generally, MS Office also comes with a pre-installed genuine Windows 10 operating system.

02: If necessary, you can factory reset.

03: Warranty is another excellent option; you can upgrade the warranty period.

04: You can customize specification

How to Define the best Desktop?

These are the main points to keep in mind when purchasing a desktop.

  • Generation: Always go with the latest Generation
  • CPU: At least core i3, Further, core i5 or more powerful i7, i9
  • RAM: 8GB minimum
  • Storage Combination: SSD + HDD  
  • OS: Genuine Windows Operating system
  • GPU: IGPU for general purpose. If you are a content creator, or graphic designer or gamer, then prefer a dedicated graphics card
  • Cooling System: Keep in mind; a strong cooling system is required when planning to buy a gaming desktop
  • Power Efficiency: Today, low power consumption is a must in any electronic devices.
  • MS Office: It should be free, like ‘MS Office Home and Students 2019’ comes free with a Dell desktop.

Therefore, before going further, you have to decide which desktop will be best for you. It depends on your professional approach what kind of work you have to do on the computer.

I will help you with what types of a desktop computer are perfect for you.

Dell Vostro Model

The Dell SFF Vostro model is originally designed to target a small group business organization. The Core i3, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, and 1TD HDD is sufficient for regular office work.

If you have any regular graphic intensive task for your project, select core i5 SFF Desktop of Vostro model. Add 2GB of dedicated low profile graphic cards, such as GT 730 and GT 1030.

Dell’s core i7 processor is the most powerful; you have to pay a vast amount of rupees for this; that’s not a good idea and is best for professionals and the most demanding users. It can easily handle any task during gaming and video editing.

Dell Inspiron Model

The Dell SFF Inspiron model is basically designed to target a home user. The Core i3, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, and 1TD HDD is sufficient for regular office work.

You can upgrade your desktop to the requirement in the same situation that I described in the above paragraph in the Vostro model section.

About Generation

The Generation is significant when buying a desktop. The 10th-generation Core i3 is a quad-core and eight-thread processor model. 

The new 10-generation Intel core i3 processor model can function roughly the same as an 8-generation Core i5 processor.

About SSD

You have an option of M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (flash drive) storage in it, read & write times 5x faster and 15x times more performance than a traditional hard drive.

Dell SFF desktop price

CORE i3 PRICE: Typically, a Core i3 mini desktop price starts at around Rs 30000 and goes up to Rs 45,000. The type of storage determines the price, such as whether it has an SSD or HDD and RAM size.

CORE i5 PRICE: The Core i5 10th Gen desktop costs around starts from Rs 40000. As the specifications increase, its price also reaches around Rs.60,000. On average, you will get the best Core i5 10th Generation Mini desktop in India for Rs 50,000.

CORE i7 PRICE: It is one of the most powerful desktops. Accordingly, its price is also high. Its price starts at Rs 65,000. You can get a Core i5 10th generation mini desktop in India with excellent specification for seventy thousand rupees.

Dell small Desktop size

· Height: 290 mm (11.42 inches)

· Width: 92.6 mm (3.65 inches)

· Depth: 292.8 mm (11.53 inches)

· Starting Weight: 3.52 kg (7.76 lb)

CONCLUSION: I hope you have an idea through this blog that will make it easier for you to buy a small desktop. SFF desktops are great for offices, home workspaces, colleges and many more, where desktop PCs are in high demand. If you like this blog, then definitely share it with your friends.

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