Top 10 Engineering Branches in India after 12th

If you are confused about deciding which engineering branch is best for you, then this article is being written to help you make the right decision. If you have passed 10 + 2, especially with mathematics, physics and chemistry, these are the top 10 branches in engineering for you.

There are many scenarios where that will inspire you to go in the right direction in your life. After completing 10 + 2 with Mathematics Physics and Chemistry, the priority should be on the path or field you want to choose or in which you are interested.

Without interest, choosing such an engineering branch you don’t like is a waste of time. If we think of choosing an engineering branch after your 10 + 2, then these are the top 10 engineering branches that are always followed in India and abroad.

Top 10 Engineering Branches in India after 10 + 2
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Top 10 Engineering Branches

  • CSE: Computer Science and Engineering
  • I.T.: Information Technology
  • ECE: Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • EEE: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • ME: Mechanical Engineering
  • E.E.: Electrical Engineering
  • C.E.: Civil Engineering
  • CHE: Chemical Engineering
  • A.E.: Automobile Engineering
  • A.E.: Aeronautical Engineering

These are the leading top 10 engineering branches in India, with most of the students preferring to complete their engineering degree to succeed in their life.


If you are interested and good knowledge in maths subject, technology and science-related field, then it is the best choice to choose CSE or I.T. to grow in life. Most of the students in this field are involved in software professions. Whatever language a computer has, everything is included in this branch. 

The basic concept of hardware is also taught in this branch. Apart from this, the environmental study also included with the branch. They can also get complete knowledge of networking technology.

The priority of this branch is a computer language. Which later becomes a good programmer and researcher. They developed software and invent mobile application, websites and many other things.


 These main two branches, which directly connect us with science and technology, can be obtained more modern technology related to this field, both these branches gradually increase the employment rate in India as well as abroad. 

Slowly there is an increase from year to year. There are many job opportunities in the I.T. sector as well as software and e-commerce companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Wipro and many other reputed companies for these branches. 

Work as a software developer, computer hardware engineer, database administrator, computer network architect, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, web developer, I.T. project manager, computer and information research scientist and works in a wide variety of professions.

SALARY: Initially in India, A fresher of this branch can get a salary from INR 3 lakh to 10 lakh per year. After that, the pay may increase depending on the experience and expertise of these students. Students of this branch can get a good salary abroad, about 25 lakh to 75 lakh or more can be received annually.

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Electrical and electronics communication is involved in Electrical Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE).

It can exist in various forms such as hydro, turbine, gas, solar, fuel cell, wind or geothermal energy. It involves the use and production of many types of power and energy.

The candidate of this branch is involved in electrical equipment and the computer, electronics, communication, and mechanical fields.

ECE and EEE engineers designs, develops and maintains electrical, electronics and computer control systems to the required specifications and focuses on economy, reliability, safety, stability, and quality. EEE and ECE engineering may involve large amounts of electricity and equipment.


 A fresher of this branch (EEE & ECE) can work with industry deals in product development, consumer electronics, control systems, systems management, product design, sales, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, manufacturing, chemical, defence and space research organizations.

SALARY: A fresher can expect INR 3 to 8 lakhs per year in India. With their experience, the salary will continue to increase.


In the top 10 engineering branches, mechanical branches are one of the best oldest and broadest engineering studies, and mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture and use of machines. Students are given a complete understanding and knowledge of how heavy equipment and machinery work.

Mechanical engineers design everything from new batteries, air conditioners, medical devices, personal computers and automobile engines to power plants and design machines that produce these innovations.


The job opportunity for mechanical engineers is perennial. Even the demand for these professionals in the Indian job market has not diminished due to the global economic crisis.

Although some branches of mechanical engineering fell out of focus during the recession, the overall situation was much better than other careers. 

On the bright side, things are returning to normal, and this evergreen career (M.E.) path is again accumulating among career candidates. 

Mechanical engineers can find jobs in this sector such as Tata Motor groups, automobile and aeronautics companies, energy and utilities, air conditioning, Mahindra and Mahindra groups, HCL technologies, bio-mechanical industries.

Larsen and Toubro, Other significant employers include a large number of manufacturing plants, air conditioning and refrigeration industries, oil and gas and refining industries, and the agricultural and Pharmaceutical sector.

SALARY: The average salary of a new candidate in the private sector in India can be between 2.5 lakh to 10 lakh per year.


Now the field of electrical engineering has become more prominent. This branch is divided into several specific categories, including power generation and transmission systems.

 Electrical engineering also involves electronics, which divides itself into many subcategories such as radio frequency systems, remote sensing, telecommunications, signal processing, digital circuits, instrumentation and control systems.


Now, if we talk about those who are willing to get jobs in government jobs and private sectors, then the electrical engineering field may be the right choice for them.

However, there should be an interest to study in this field, as people who are not interested may find it difficult and unfair.

Electrical engineers primarily work in the research and development industry, engineering service firms, manufacturing, and the federal government.

Electrical engineers can get jobs in various companies like automotive, railways, aerospace, defence, construction, computers and components, telecommunications and traffic control, etc.

Besides, electrical engineers can find employment in government institutions such as transport departments, national laboratories, and the army.


A bachelor of electrical engineer can expect a salary minimum of INR 3 to 10 lakh in the private sectors in India.


A civil engineer designs plan and manage construction projects. Their work starts on a small scale, from a small building or tiny bridge repairs to massive levels, such as multi-floor buildings and sports stadiums. Civil engineers can work in various fields such as architectural project, environment and transportation.

If we move to the next field, it is essential to build our society that is civil engineering. Civil engineers create great and unique structures which can be seen throughout the world, like the Eiffel tower to Howrah bridge and more. 

Just building is not the work of civil engineers; they have to build so that the surrounding environment should not get harmed. So choosing this field is also not a bad option.


They should have a working knowledge of CAD, i.e. Auto Computer-Aided Design Software and Engineering Design Software.

Civil engineers have to discuss various requirements with their clients and other professionals, such as architects, construction supervisors, and CAD staff. They should have a professional engineer license.

Civil engineers in India get jobs in all these big companies. Such as Lodha Company, Hindusthan Construction Group, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Infra Corporation etc. Here is the list of top engineering colleges according to


Different companies have different salaries for civil engineers. Typically, it can be 2 lakh to 10 lakh annually in India. Also, they can start a business independently.


Chemical engineers also called process engineers, and they specialize in a chemical process.

Chemical engineering is a different kind of engineering branch, which deals with manufacturing products made from chemicals.

This includes designing equipment, systems, and raw materials to be refined and mixing, compounding and processing chemicals to create expensive products.

Chemical engineers solve problems of chemicals, food, medicines, drugs and many other products through the theory of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.

Chemical engineers can spend time at industrial plants, refineries, and other locations to monitor operations or solve problems on-site.

Chemical engineers know the chemical manufacturing process, have a piece of proper knowledge about the environment and the safety of workers and consumers.


A bachelor degree holder of chemical engineers has a good demand in India due to the large-scale chemical factory. They work as a process engineer in a various chemical factory.


In India, a newly graduated chemical engineer can get 3 to 10 lakhs per year or more. As the experience increases, the salary will also increase accordingly.


B.E. Students of the Automobile Engineering Branch are investigating and studying manufacturing and designing and operating automobiles like trucks, buses, cars, etc. 

Besides, students in this branch are taught alternative fuels, aerodynamics, chassis, construction, emissions, electronics, ergonomics, materials, motorsport, vehicles, power trains or supply chain management.


Graduates of such branches are hired as Sales Officer, Associate Professor, Automobile Engineer, Embedded Automotive, Software Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Design Engineer etc.


A fresh bachelor graduate can get an average salary in this field. It can be between INR 2 to 6 Lakhs or even more in a year. Payroll can be increased as per the performance and expertise of the candidates.


Aeronautic engineers are responsible for the design, performance and analysis of aircraft. The aeronautical engineer has practical and theoretical knowledge of aeroplanes.


Individuals with aeronautical engineering degrees can work in defence (Air Force) organizations, NASA, aircraft manufacturing organizations and government research institute.

Top grade students can join this branch. Students with good marks in science subject have passed the competitive examination and can take admission.


Vacancies are limited in this area. An engineer gets the highest salary in this field. So these were the top 10 engineering branches in India, out of which one can get success in life by selecting one branch.

CONCLUDES: CSE, ECE and Information Technology I.T.) are now the most popular branches in the engineering field for students, as these branches generate the most jobs with a good salary.

CSE and ECE branches are the two branches of engineering. Maybe a perfect option for students interested in learning more about electronics and its communication in the system they have developed.

Same as civil, mechanical is also a sector in which one can implement there thoughts and ideas practically. 

In this sector, one can learn about the thing which includes in our daily life. Nowadays, we can see many robots working in hotels and hospitals; manufacturing these robots also includes many mechanical engineers’ hard work. 

Not only in manufacturing robots and any other types of equipment, but the role of mechanical engineers are also vital. If we move towards the jobs, scop one can be a design engineer and many more.

If we look at the job opportunity for this field, there are many different positions for students such as Computer Science Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, System Control Engineering and many more.

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