Low Profile Graphic Cards – 4 Best GPU for 200W PSU

Top 4 Low Profile 200W PSU Graphics Cards

A limited 200W PSU cannot drive any power-hungry graphic cards because 200W is the limit of the power supply unit. So, if you have a computer that only supports 200W PSU, go with a low profile GPU. In recent times, there are many options of graphic cards available in the market which are enough to play any game as well as other heavy tasks.

In this blog post we will cover the top 4 best GPUs for 200W PSU that are capable of handling all the demanding tasks. Because, we have years of personal experience with these graphic cards.

Not just gaming, you can also do video editing, photo editing, 2D/3D rendering, graphic designing, engineering drawing, scientific calculations and much more.

Moreover, all these graphics cards consume less than 50 watts of power, perfect for a 200-watt PSU-built PC. These graphics cards are suitable for SSF PCs with very little space left, as well as tower models.

So, if you have an SFF PC and the PSU comes with only 200 watts and less space inside, all these graphic cards will fit easily and boost your PC performance by 4 to 5 times faster.

Low Profile Nvidia T600 Graphics Card

Here we have shared below the exact image of the SSF Desktop PC so you can get a clear idea. You can install all these graphics cards easily which are mentioned in this article. These are all low-profile graphics cards that can be installed without any problems.

Best Low Profile GPU for 200W PSU

These won’t be great experiences if you want to play modern games with higher settings for gaming purposes. But it will do a decent job at 720p/1080p with low or medium settings compared to their price points. So, these top 4 Low Profile Single Slot 200W PSU Graphic Cards for SFF PC are given below.

  • NVIDIA Quadro T600
  • Quadro T1000
  • NVIDIA Quadro T400
  • GT 1030

These video cards are more than enough for ordinary users like me for gaming and editing purposes. However, don’t expect a highly professional experience with these video cards.

These low-profile single-slot graphics cards will fit any SFF PC without additional power. It will connect to the PCIe 3.0 x16 slot available on all new motherboards.

 200W PSU Nvidia T600 Graphics Cards

But here, you won’t find HDMI ports on the T400 to T1000 graphics cards except for GT1030. Instead, you’ll only find 4 mDP ports in it, but an extra four mDP to DP adapters come with this graphics card.

We will share the complete specifications of all graphics cards and their latest online and offline prices. Here you can check all the specifications of the T600, T400, and T1000.

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Quadro Nvidia T600 GPU for 200W PSU

The NVIDIA T600 comes with Turing’s highly optimized 4GB GDDR6 memory for the fastest graphics. It has a 4GB frame buffer capacity and 160GB/s peak bandwidth for twice the throughput of the previous generation.

The Quadro T600 is ideal for 3D professionals working with complex 2D/3D models, CAD, DCC, large datasets, and multiple display environments. This is an excellent video card by Nvidia for gaming and 2D/3D applications.

Deliver faster than real-time performance for transcoding, video editing, and other encoding applications, with two dedicated H.264 and HEVC encode engines. The specification details for the Quadro T600 are given below.

GPU for 200W PSU Quadro T600
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Technical details:

CUDA Cores640
GPU Memory4 GB GDDR6
Memory Interface128-bit
Memory Bandwidth160 GB/s
System InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x 16
Max Power Consumption40 W
Display Connectors4x mDP
Max Display4x at 5K | 5120 x 2880 at 60 Hz
Max Digital Resolution7680 x 4320 at 60 Hz
NVENC | NVDEC2x H.264 and HVEC Encoders
1x Decode Engine
Form FactorLow-Profile Single Slot
Thermal solutionActive Fansink
HDR SupportYes
Quad Buffered StereoYes

Recently, the online price has been high, but it will normalize over time. Please check the offline price once before buying online.

Offline Price: Rs 12,700/-

Quadro T1000 GPU for 200W PSU

The Quadro T1000 is a high-performance graphics card and has 896 CUDA cores. It is a low-profile single-slot graphics card based on Turing architecture in a compact form factor. Any modern game that performs pretty well against the old GTX 1650.

The T1000 provides real-time transcoding, video editing, and other encoding applications with two dedicated H.264 and HEVC encode engines. In addition, it has a dedicated decode engine that is independent of the 3D compute pipeline.

It also has 4GB of GDDR6 memory, the fastest graphics, and 160GB/s peak bandwidth compared to the previous generation, which is double.

The NVIDIA T1000 is ideal for 3D professionals working with large models and datasets in multi-display environments. Below are the technical details for the T1000.

GPU for 200W PSU Quadro T1000

Technical details:

CUDA Cores896
GPU Memory4GB DDR6
Display Connectors4x mDP
Memory Interface128-bit
Max Power Consumption50 W
Max Displays4x at 5K, 5120 X 2880 at 60 Hz
Max Resolution7680 x 4320 at 60 Hz
HDR SupportYes
System InterfacePCI Express 3.0 X 16
Form FactorLow-Profile Single Slot

T1000 Offline price may be cheaper than online but check it once offline before buying online.

Offline price: Rs 20,700/-

Check the price on Amazon

GT 1030 Graphics Card for 200W PSU

The GT 1030, powered by NVIDIA Pascal architecture, accelerates your entire PC experience. Its powerful graphics engine provides a performance upgrade to run the most demanding PC games and applications. It is a good graphics card for gaming compared to 2D/3D applications.

I have used this graphic card for two years; It boosts your video editing experience a bit, but not great. But it works well in low-setting gaming. Nvidia GT 1030 comes with a 2GB GDDR5 low-profile bracket and is built to fit smaller systems with less clearance space.

Besides, it has an energy-efficient card and consumes only 30 watts of power from the onboard PCI Express slot. The technical specifications for the GT 1030 are as follows.

GT 1030 Graphics Card for 200W PSU
GT 1030
GT 1030 Technical Details:

CUDA Cores384
Boost Clock1468
GPU Memory2 GB DDR5
Memory Speed3000
Memory Band with48 GB/s
System InterfacePCI Express 3.0
Display ConnectorsDP/HDMI/DVI
Max Resolution7680 x 4320 at 60 Hz
Power Consumption30 W
Form FactorLow Profile Single Slot

Offline Price: Rs 7500/-

View on Amazon

T400 GPU for 200-watt PSU

NVIDIA T400 GPU is a power-efficient low-profile professional graphics card for gaming, AutoCAD, and visualization in a compact form. Like the last three graphics cards, it also fits any 200-watt Short Form Factor (SFF) PC.

It has 2 GB of VRAM DDR6 memory and a peak bandwidth of 80 GB/s, more than double the throughput. So, the NVIDIA T400 is for working with 2D and 3D images, light gaming and HD video creation, and editing workflows.

It is available online and offline at a meagre cost which is most important for the user. Moreover, it outperforms the GT 1030 in the rendering task and some games.

T400 GPU for 200 watt PSU
Technical details:
CUDA Cores384
GPU Memory2 GB DDR6
Memory Bandwith80 GB/s
Max Power Consumption30W
System InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
Display Connectors3X mDP
Max Resolution5120 x 2880 at 60 Hz
Max Display Support4x at 5K | 5120 x 2880 at 60 Hz
HDR SupportYes
Form FactorLow Profile Single-slot

Offline Price: Rs 7,800/-

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Final Thoughts:

If you have an SFF PC and only a 200-watt PSU with less space, then all graphics cards are the best option for you and are also budget-friendly. The Quadro T1000 is the most powerful, with low-profile single-slot graphics cards. If you have a professional field like heavy editing, designing, and 3D rendering, then T1000 will be one of the best choices.

But, the Quadro T600 can be one of the best options for any user regarding its price and performance comparison. It delivers decent performance, better than 1050ti in 3D software and gaming. So, price-wise, the T600 offers value for money to the user from all angles.

The GT 1030 doesn’t do well in 2D/3D rendering tasks compared to gaming. So, if it is available at Rs.6500/-, go with it. Otherwise, the Quadro T400 delivers far better performance than the GT 1030 for all angles.

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Q: Is a 200W PSU Suitable for a Quadro T600 Graphics Card?

A: Yes, 200W PSU is more than enough for a Quadro T600.

Q: Which is the best GPU for 200W PSU?

A: Nvidia Quadro T600 is the best graphics card for 200W PSU.

Q: Which is the best low-profile graphics card for the SFF desktop?

A: For the SFF desktop with 200 PSU, the Quadro T600 is the best graphics card.

Q: Does Quadro T600 support 180W PSU PC?

A: It will support but remove the CD drive connection.

Q: What is the power consumption of the Quadro T600?

A: Only 40W.

Q: Can I Play GTA-5 on a T600 Graphics Card?

A: You can play GTA 5, even a heavily graphics-intensive game.

Q: Which is the best graphics card under Rs 10000 for 180-watt PSU?

A: Quadro T400 is the best graphics card under Rs 10000 for a 180-watt PSU.

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