Top 5 categories for YouTube creators in 2021

Today in this article, we are telling the Top 5 Categories for Youtube creators in India 2021. It depends on your talent, experience, knowledge, and smart work to succeed on YouTube.

Youtube is one of the most secure online earning platforms for creators. If you have real content for any topic with many search results and people want to see them, you can take your YouTube channel too far in 2021 and get good revenue from Youtube.

But remember, the competition is much higher here than in 2016/2017. So you have to work hard and smartly on Youtube and deliver great content through the video.

top 5 youtube categories

Always do something exciting and different. If the competition is enormous, viewership has also increased on many more youtube platforms than in 2016/2017.

So you have to work continuously on youtube daily or weekly. You must keep quality content above at least 10 minutes.

The top 5 five categories for YouTube are as follows –

  1. Vlog Category
  2. Professionals in any field
  3. News Category
  4. Educationals
  5. Technology

01: Vlog Category

Today’s most comfortable type is Vlog; there is no need for any essential tools. In the initial days, a Rs 10,000 smartphone is enough to make a video.

Many prominent YouTubers in India still shoot videos, record voice, and edit videos from their phones.

You do not need to invest a significant amount in making a video on Youtube. Take your phone and start the video shoot.

The unique thing about this is that you do not need to find any topic. People like to see any exciting place, someone’s lifestyle.

There is nothing in it that you are a big man or little man. It would be best to take a video clip of the village, field, river, mountains, trees, water with you. Cut, edit, and publish on your Youtube Channel.

02: Professionals in any field

2: PROFESSIONALS: If you are a professional and have a small shop, such as a carpenter shop, mobile, or laptop repair shop, haircutting shop, beauty parlour, tailor shop, bike shop, etc.

Now, you have to add some extra efforts with your professionalism that will make you different from others, like you are talented. Shoot a one or two minute 10/12 video clip from a smartphone, and make a 10 to 12-minute video and publish it on YouTube.

03: News Category

 The news category gets the most views and subscribers, making it the fastest place on YouTube. Today, the most trending topic in India is news. It can be politics, or technology, or any Offers related.

But here, the only weapon that works here is the knowledge of your voice and language, and if your voice is melodious, and you can speak well, whatever the style everyone wants to hear, you need to have to tell using your powerful voice.

Therefore, you have to convey the right information to the people with your powerful voice. For this, you have to move the photo slider on the screen. Initially, the video would have to be made from 7 to 8 minutes.

04: Educationals

 Education is the most preferred category on YouTube. If you know the field of education, you can choose one of them, like current Affairs, Mathematics, English, Computer Languages, Carrier Guide, on any examination and more.

You can make a video by recording in front of the camera or make a 10/12 minute tutorial according to your profession.

05: Technology

There is a lot of competition in the tech category, so you have to catch only one of them, be it smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, etc.

If you want to make a video on a smartphone, it will be challenging to rank on YouTube, So, you have to choose the smartphone’s camera, battery, gaming performance, or any comparison on the camera.

 Apart from this, you can also make unboxing videos, and you have to show your creativity inside the video, which will look something different and exciting. Keep in mind that you always have to present unique content on YouTube.

There are many other categories where creators can try; also, see which categories can help you work longer.

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CONCLUSION: To succeed on YouTube, creators have to deliver excellent content consistently. The competition is so high; always, some exciting and engaging content has to be delivered.

Now, getting views on YouTube is not considered the main factor for growth; you have to deliver engaging content, which increases viewing time and will help to make the video viral.

No matter which category you choose, you must have a lot of creative talent, and this talent will take you far.

Tips: In the beginning, you have to choose the trending topic, which helps you to grow your youtube channel fast.

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