This website [netkibaten.com] has been created to provide precise information on various topics. Here, you will find various topics like career options, job-oriented courses, government job information, study material, earning ideas, UPI, loans, etc.

I set up this website in March 2020 and continue to work on different perspectives. Articles of those levels are published every day with the help of highly educated professionals.


I am Anowar Hossain Mia, belonging to West Bengal, living in Hyderabad for the last 20 years. After intermediate in the science group, I completed my BA from the University of Calcutta in 1990. 


At that time, I learned computer languages, like (COBOL, dBase III+, DOS) in a one-year computer course, which is now outdated.

Later industrial training from government institute in 1987, and recently, learned some essential basic languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc.

I have been working in the private sector (manufacturing company) for the last 20 years. Besides, I have continued to work on the YouTube channel (Netkibaten) for over four years.


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