TataPlay Remote Price: How to place an order for a new Remote?

The remote of Tata Play Set Top boxes can get damaged due to various reasons. Most of the time it is observed that remote buttons or sensors do not work properly after prolonged use. In such cases, all users of Tata Play usually look for a new remote to buy for their Set-top box.

So, if you required it, Tata Play itself provides remotes for your boxes at affordable prices. Which they deliver to your doorstep the very next day. You have to pre-order it and it will cost Rs 200 for SD, HD, and 4K boxes and Rs 375 for PVR, HD PVR, and +HD boxes.

Usually, the set-top box remote is not available in general stores but you can visit the certified dealer of Tata Play. They can provide Tata Play remote as they are certified dealers. But, the price may vary, and also you have to waste your time.

Tata Play Remote Price

There are two types of remotes provided by Tata Play for the set-top box. The first one is for SD, HD, and 4K boxes and the other is for PVR, HD PVR, and +HD boxes. If you need it then you can buy it by calling the Tata Play customer care executive.

The price is as follows:

Type of RemotePrice
SD (Set-top box)Rs 200
HDRs 200
4KRs 200
PVRRs 375
HD PVRRs 375
+HDRs 375

You do not need to pay while placing the order.

How to buy tataplay remote

Best ways to place an order for Tata Play Remote

So, the following way is the best to order your original remote from Tata Play at a reasonable price. You need to call Tata Play customer care executive. And they will process and deliver it to your address.

You don’t need to provide any details about your remote as they will detect your set-top box model from your registered mobile or address.

Therefore, you can place an order for a new remote by calling the following Tata Play helpline numbers.

Phone Numbers:

  • 1800 208 6633
  • 1860 120 6633 
  • 1860 500 6633

During the phone call, you need to select 3 numbers to get connected with the TataPlay executive. This number may change over time, so follow the IVR instructions. The remote cost will be Rs 200 for SD, HD, and 4K boxes and Rs 375 for PVR, HD PVR, and +HD boxes.

You do not need to pay any amount for the remote while placing the order. To be paid along with your monthly recharge, on the next recharge bill.

How to Buy Tata Play Remote Online?

There are two types of TataPlay remotes which are also available on popular online stores like Flipkart and Amazon. They also offer it at a much lower price than what is offered by Tataplay. But, the authenticity of the remote is questionable as Tata Play does not officially sell the remote on any other platform.

Still, if you’d prefer to watch it on Amazon, click here to view it.

How To Control Your TV using the New Tata Play Remote?

Tata Play Remote can control TV Power, Volume+, Volume-, Mute, AV, and more. But, by default, it can control almost all Samsung TV models without any setup. If problems appear then you need to apply the following methods to control the power of your TV set.

Method 1:

  • Turn on your TV set.
  • Press the TV power button along with the STB power button and hold them simultaneously until the LED blinks twice.
  • Put your remote on your TV set. and press and hold the number button that has the first letter of your TV brand such as button “7” PQRS for Sony, Philips, Panasonic, etc. Similarly, for button 5 JKL for LG, Lloyd, etc until your TV switches off. Once it stops, release the button.

If this method is unsuccessful, please try Method 2.

Tata Play Remote

Method 2:

  • Place both the Tata Play remote and the TV remote on a flat surface with their respective LEDs facing each other. The remote should be placed 3-6 cm apart.
  • Press the Back button along with the number 2 button on your TataPlay remote and hold them down simultaneously until the LED blinks twice and turns on. Now release both the buttons.
  • Press and release the TV power button on the Tata Play remote. The LED will turn off when the button is pressed and turn on when the button is released.
  • Now press the TV power button on your TV remote. To confirm successful programming, keep it pressed until the LED on the Tata Play remote blinks twice.

Click here for more details on TataPlay’s official website.

How to operate Tata Play set-top box on your mobile?

You can operate your Tata Play set-top box with your smartphone when the remote isn’t working condition. Here, the brands like Redmi, Xiaomi Mi, and Huawei offer an Infrared Blaster (IR Blaster) that can be used to operate your TV. But, it is not the permanent solution.

Following are the steps to configure the app in the set-top box in a few easy steps:

  • Open the remote controller app. You can download it from the Google Play store.
  • Select the set-top box icon.
  • Next, select Tata Play from the available list.
  • Run the test until the set-top box starts responding to your operations.
  • Tap Yes.

That’s it, now your mobile is ready to operate your set-top box and TV set.

Q: How to place an order for a new Tataplay remote?

A: The best way to place an order for a new remote is by calling the Tata Play helpline number. Request your new Tata Play remote from the Tata Play customer care executive. The executive officer will accept the request and forward it to the nearest store. Tata Play helpline numbers are 1800 208 6633, 1860 120 6633, and 1860 500 6633.

Q: How many days it takes for delivery?

A: It takes one day to deliver to your doorstep.

Q: What is the cost of the new Tata Play remote?

A: A new remote costs Rs 200 for SD, HD, and 4K boxes and Rs 375 for PVR, HD PVR, and +HD boxes.