How to add multiple bank accounts in Google Pay?

Add multiple bank accounts in Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most reliable and secure mobile payment apps for the user. It supports a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) apart from credit and debit cards. So, a UPI-supported app allows you to add multiple bank accounts in a single app. Google Pay app is one of them, where you can add two bank accounts in a few steps.

Ensure your bank accounts support UPI functions and that both accounts have the same registered mobile number. Google Pay is a widely used mobile payment application with no wallet system. Pay and receive money instantly with your friends and family using your linked bank account. It is a direct transfer from one bank account to another.

To send and receive money, pay bills and shop online, you need to add your bank account with Google Pay. Adding a bank account to Google Pay is very easy; If you are new and want to know how to add two bank accounts to Google Pay, this guide will help you.

Steps to add multiple bank accounts

So, first of all, you need to install the Google Pay app on your mobile; it supports both Android and iOS devices. Then, open and allow login with your registered mobile number. This mobile number must be linked to your bank account. and will be the same mobile number in both accounts.

If your registered mobile number and name are different in both accounts, you cannot link your two bank accounts in Google Pay or other UPI apps. So, check once your mobile number before adding two bank accounts. Because mobile payment apps are registered with a single mobile number.

If you have the same mobile number and name in all of your bank accounts, you can add them. You can add a maximum of two bank accounts here. Below are the steps to add two bank accounts one by one in Google Pay:

Step 1: Install and open the Google Pay app. Complete the basic instructions.

Step 2: Make sure you have selected the registered mobile number. You will find the “Add bank account” option on the newer version app.

Step 3: Next, you have to select the bank in which you have an account. Next, follow the steps mentioned in step 7.

Step 4: Otherwise, tap Profile, and select “Set up payment methods” or Send money Bank account on the next screen.

Step 5: You will get two options for payment methods. One is “Add bank account“, and the second is “Add credit and debit cards“.

Step 6: Tap “Add bank account“, and tap Continue. On the next screen, you will get the bank list.

Step 7: Select your bank from the list which supports the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Step 8: It will verify through SMS. Create your UPI ID and UPI Pin. Tap Confirm.

Finally, you have successfully linked your bank account with Google Pay. You need to follow the same steps to add one more bank account in Google Pay.

How To Remove Bank Accounts from Google Pay?

If you don’t want to continue with Google Pay, you can remove or delete your bank account anytime and anywhere. To remove your bank account from the Google Pay app, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Google Pay app.
  • Tap Profile image.
  • Select your linked bank account; you will find your bank accounts.
  • Tap the bank account which bank account you want to remove.
  • Select the menu bar in the upper right (3 dots).
  • Select Remove Account and tap Continue. Your bank account will be removed successfully.

Later, you can add your bank accounts when you need them.

Can I add two bank accounts in Google Pay?

You can add two bank accounts in Google Pay if you have the same registered mobile number.

Can I add multiple UPI IDs to the same bank account?

You can add up to 4 UPI IDs in the Google Pay app.

How to reset Forgot UPI Pin in Google Pay app?

You have to select Forgot UPI Pin option to reset the UPI Pin. Enter your debit card’s last six digits and expiry date. Enter your new UPI Pin and re-enter the same on the next screen. Tap Confirm.

Can I add two bank accounts with different registered mobile numbers in Google Pay?

You can link two bank accounts if you have the same registered mobile number.

Is the Google Pay app secure?

Google Pay app is more reliable and secure than other mobile payment apps. Because Google owns it.

Are Tez and Google Pay the same?

Earlier, it was a Tez and later changed to Google Pay.

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