Months Name in Malayalam | മലയാളത്തിൽ 12 മാസത്തെ പേരുകൾ

malayalam month names

In Malayalam, 12-month names are based on the solar cycle and are used in the Indian state of Kerala. In every state of India, according to the Indian calendar, month names are pronounced according to their languages.

As we know, language is a fundamental aspect of human communication and plays an important role in social relationships.

As children learn in school, names of days, weeks, different fruits, animals and others. Similarly, the names of the months also come in this lesson which we need to know.

Malayalam is not only in Kerala, but a large number of Keralites (Malayalees) live in different parts of India as well as abroad. Hence, they speak in Malayalam, and it’s essential to know the month names in Malayalam as well.

Month Names in Malayalam

Knowing the month names in the Malayalam language is important as it expresses cultural norms and values in society. So, it is important to know the names of months in Malayalam as well as in English, which are as follows:

MalayalamEnglish (pronunciation)
ചിങ്ങംChingam (August/September)
കന്നിKanni (September/October)
തുലാംThulam (October/November)
വൃശ്ചികംVrischikam (November/December)
ധനുDhanu (December/January)
മകരംMakaram (January/February)
കുംഭംKumbham (February/March)
മീനംMeenam (March/April)
മേടംMedam (April/May)
ഇടവംEdavam (May/June)
മിഥുനംMithunam (June/July)
കർക്കടകംKarkidakam (July/August)

Malayalam Month Names

Here is the list of names of all the months in Malayalam:

  • ചിങ്ങം
  • കന്നി
  • തുലാം
  • വൃശ്ചികം
  • ധനു
  • മകരം
  • കുംഭം
  • മീനം
  • മേടം
  • ഇടവം
  • മിഥുനം
  • കർക്കടകം

Malayalam new year

We get two different days for the new year in the state of Kerala which is traditionally correct. That is, the first day of the year is Chingam (1) and the astronomical new year is Medam (2) or Vishu.

But technically the new year begins on the first day of the month of Chingam as it is the first day of the year. Vishu is the traditional New Year celebration of the people of the Kerala region and is officially a public holiday.

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