How To Change Union Bank User ID | Update UBI User ID

Union Bank User ID is a unique nine-digit number assigned to you while opening a bank account. It is essential while registering for internet banking and is called a master User ID. The master User ID and channel User ID will be the same while activating internet banking. So, if you want to change the Union Bank User ID (channel user ID) by entering your preferred User ID, you can change it.

However, the master user ID will remain the same; Can’t change it. Only you can change the Channel User ID, the Master User ID will remain the same.

You can use this Channel User ID as the User ID while using Internet Banking in Union Bank. You do not need to enter your Master User ID further to login.

How To Change Union Bank User ID?

Preferred User ID will be easier to remember than UBI Unique nine digits User ID. You can easily change it through UBI Internet Banking. If you have not activated Internet banking in Union Bank, click here to start Internet Banking.

So, you must have internet banking with Union Bank of India. These are the essential steps to change the User ID of Union Bank as follows.

Step1: Log in with your User ID and Password in Union Bank of India.

How To Change Union Bank User ID

Step2: First of all, select the ‘Settings‘ option which will appear on the top right. Click on the ‘Security Settings‘ option.

How To Change Union Bank User ID

Step3: Next, click on the ‘Update Channel User ID‘. You will find the previous Channel User ID and the Update‘ option.

Update Union Bank User ID

Step4: Select the ‘Update’ option for changing the UBI User ID.

Step5: Enter your preferred Channel User ID and click on the arrow icon to continue.

Step6: Confirm the User ID and click on the arrow icon to continue on the next page.

Update User ID in UBI

Step7: Here, you will find your Master User ID and Updated Channel User ID. Enter your ‘Transaction Password‘ and click on the ‘Submit‘ option.

In this way, the Union Bank User ID for Internet Banking will be changed.

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Q: Is the Master User ID and Channel User ID the same in Union Bank?

A: Master User ID and Channel User ID are used for different purposes. The Channel User ID is used as the Internet Banking User ID and can be changed. But, the master user ID cannot be changed; It is assigned to you along with your bank account.

Q: How many numbers are there in the UBI Master User ID?

A: The UBI Master User ID will have a nine-digit unique number.

Q: What is a transition password in Union Bank?

A: A transaction password is an essential password required to enter while transferring funds and updating profiles online.

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