Telugu month names & pronunciation, తెలుగు నెలల పేర్లు, Telugu Masalu

telugu month names

Telugu month names are also similar to other languages. But the pronunciation of the month name in Telugu would be totally different from the Northeast and other states. As in every state, month names and pronunciations will differ language-wise.

As it is a South Indian language and is spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But, it is also spoken by a large number of people in other parts of India and around the world.

The name of the first month in Telugu is Chaithramu which falls every year in the month of March/April. In 2024, New Year (Ugadi) will be celebrated on Tuesday, 9 April 2024.

We will also share the names of the months in Telugu as well as in other two different languages i.e. Hindi and English.

Below is the list of all month names in Telugu which are as follows:

Month Name in Telugu

The Telugu calendar follows the lunar cycle and the names of the 12 months in Telugu, as well as in English, Bengali and Hindi are as follows:


Telugu New Year

Ugadi is the new year according to the Telugu Hindu calendar and is celebrated in the month of Chaitra. So, Ugadi is celebrated as a new year festival in Telangana, Karnataka (Ugadi), Andhra Pradesh, as well as Maharashtra (Gudi Padwa). In 2023, New Year (Ugadi) will be celebrated on Tuesday, 9 April 2024.

The Telugu calendar is also known as Panchangam and is used to determine auspicious times for religious ceremonies and other important events.


In which month does the new year come in Telugu?

New Year in Telugu falls in the month of March/April.

What is the first month’s name in Telugu?

Chaithramu is the name of the first month in Telugu.

What is the Ugadi festival in Telangana?

Ugadi is a New Year festival in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh.

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