How To Use Mini Drafter In Drawing

A ‘Mini drafter‘ is an engineering tool that engineering students use to draw parallel lines, angles, inclined lines, vertical or perpendicular lines on the drawing sheet. Students can quickly draw parallel lines and angles with this device, and those lines can be vertical or horizontal. Today in this blog, we are going to explain how engineering students use Mini Drafter in drawing.

This type of instrument is used only by engineering branch students. It is a handy tool for engineering students that help to draw 3D shapes using a pencil. 

But as an engineering student, whether pursuing diploma or degree, be a student of any branch, CSE or IT, or CIVIL or Mechanical, or ECE, every student of all branches will need this equipment when they are drawing.

Today, in some areas, such as small construction groups, drawing is required on drawing sheets. In such a situation, every engineering student should purchase a Mini drafter within a year.

How To Use Mini Drafter In Drawing

Uses of Mini Drafter:

The Mini Drafter is a useful tool for mechanical and civil engineering students. Each student of these branches should plan in the designing field and be fully prepared; This tool helps them to form a basic concept of drawing and to make an accurate drawing.

So this mini device plays an essential role for the student of these branches, helping the students draw a very straight parallel line or vertical line with any angle as per the requirement.

How To Use Mini Drafter:

Mini drafter contains two movable parts and one non-movable part. Non-movable parts have a clamp-like holder, and the holder has a plastic head cap bolt, through which the device is fixed tightly with a drawing board so that it does not move at all while drawing the line.

The movable part, known as the diagonal scale, which is the centre part of the device, helps to draw parallel lines in any shape with any angle.

At the end of the device, there is a specific point on the round-shaped pad, A parallel line or angular line is drawn after matching the marked degree given in the scale with that point of the device.

How To Use Mini Drafter In Drawing
Movable Part

Mini Drafter Price in India:

The excellent quality ‘Mini Drafter’ is available in India for Rs 350 to Rs 1000. But from Rs 100 to Rs 300 will also be available in the market, but it does not give exact results.

Hence a ‘Mini Drafter’ of minimum Rs 350 will have to be taken which will provide accurate results.

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How To Buy Mini Drafter:

The ‘mini drafter’ will be readily available in any stationery shop in India, if there is no stock in the shop, then tell the shopkeeper, will definitely bring in a day or two.

If you want to buy it online, then it will be readily available on Amazon and Flipkart.


So basically, this device draws the parallel line parallel angles through a pencil on the drawing sheet, In which the probability of going wrong is very less.

Through this device, all this work is done in a short time, which is not possible at all by hand.
So this device is essential for the engineering student; without it, drawing manually is not possible.

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