CASIO 991EX Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students

If you are a math teacher or you are an engineering student, or you are studying in the accounting branch, then you will definitely need an engineering calculator. In such a situation, the CASIO 991EX Scientific Calculator model can meet your needs.

So today in this blog, I will explain in detail about 991ex calculator. What are its features, will also tell about its online/offline price and warranty. Besides, how you can register a Casio calculator online, that will also tell step by step in this blog.

CASIO 991EX Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students

Casio is one of the famous brands in the world when it comes to the name of the calculator; it will be Casio at the forefront. Every type of calculator is available in the market.

In 2004, Casio developed a scientific calculator, which was able to display square root, fractions, and other symbols, as a look like textbooks. Casio has continued to produce a new calculator to date.


Casio 991EX Scientific Calculator is specially designed for people of these professions who are studying engineering or are in the engineering field or a professor of mathematics. It is essential for all those professionals.

If someone wants to operate even, they can buy it too. Especially those who are calculating more—-?? To calculate with this calculator, you have to practice for two to five minutes from a professional.


It has 552 features, secure menu options, spreadsheets and you’ll get a textbook-like display. This calculator can solve up to 4*4 matrix problems.

While other calculators with the same price can solve, it can also find the values of 4 unknown equations. Solar panels are also used with the battery.


Two-way power, 552 functions, Metalic Keys, Equation calculation, Matrix calculations, complex number calculation, CALC function / Solve function, Fraction calculation, Base-n calculation, Logical operations, Table function, Comes with new slide-on hard case.


Its online price is around Rs. 1100, maybe less in offline. there may be a lower price in the electronic market, check once.

If you are studying engineering then you will also need a Mini Drafter to draw a parallel line. Read here to know more about it.

Online Registration Process

The warranty is for three years. For this, you have to register online. You must scan the QR code for online registration. It is a straightforward process that anyone can do nowadays.

First, scan the QR code with your smartphone, on the mobile screen you will get the ‘Go-to Website’ option, click on ‘Go to Website’, and follow the next steps.

STEP 1: The website will open. select the product, i.e. the calculator,

STEP 2: Enter your details here, name, email ID, and mobile number.

STEP 3: After that, there will be an option to select the store,

STEP 4: Two options available, ‘Online Store’ or ‘Physical store‘. Select ‘Online store’.

STEP 5: Then enter the serial number xxx-xxxxxxxxx

STEP 6: After entering the serial number then select verify

CONCLUSION: The Casio 991ex is an ideal calculator for students who are into engineering, commerce, science, or the study of any mathematician.

Otherwise, this calculator is not required in general-purpose, a regular calculator costing around Rs. 150 to 200 is perfect for general calculations. If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friend.

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