Casio Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students (2024)

Best calculator for Engineering students

A calculator is an essential device for every engineering student. It helps with complex scientific or engineering calculations in a few seconds. So, if you are an engineering student, you will need an engineering calculator.

In this case, the Casio 991EX, a budget scientific calculator model could meet your needs.

So today in this article we will talk about this calculator like its features, price, warranty, and many more. Apart from this, I will also tell you how you can complete the online registration.

Casio is one of the most well-known brands in the world regarding calculators. Casio is at the forefront, and every type of calculator is available in the market.

Best Casio Scientific Calculator for Eng Students

In 2004, Casio developed a scientific calculator, which displayed square roots, fractions, and other symbols, as they look like textbooks.

Casio has continued to produce a new calculator to date. The Casio 991EX scientific calculator is specially designed for engineering students, and also those who perform complex calculations.

If someone wants to operate even, they can buy it too, especially those who are calculating more. But, to operate this calculator, you must practice for a few minutes with a professional.

CASIO 991EX Scientific Calculator for Engineering Students

Top Features of Casio 991EX Calculator

It has 552 features, secure menu options, and spreadsheets, and you’ll get a textbook-like display. In addition, this calculator can solve up to 4*4 matrix problems.

While all other calculators with the same value can solve it, it can also find the values of 4 unknown equations. The best thing is that you have been given the solar panel option along with the battery.

Two-way power, 552 functions, Metalic Keys, Equation calculation, Matrix calculations, complex number calculation, CALC function / Solve function, Fraction calculation, Base-n calculation, Logical operations, Table function, Comes with new slide-on hard case.

Price & Warranty

Its online price is around Rs. 1100, maybe less offline. There may be a lower price in the electronic market; check once. If you are studying engineering, you will also need a Mini Drafter to draw a parallel line.


How to Register Casio 991ex Online?

The warranty is for three years. For this, you have to register online. You must scan the QR code for online registration. It is a straightforward process that anyone can do nowadays.

First, scan the QR code with your smartphone; on the mobile screen, you will get the ‘Go-to Website’ option, click on ‘Go to Website’, and follow the next steps.

  • The website will open. select the product, i.e. the calculator,
  • Enter your details here, name, email ID, and mobile number.
  • After that, there will be an option to select the store,
  • Two options are available, ‘Online Store’ or ‘Physical Store ‘. Select ‘Online store’.
  • Then enter the serial number ‘xxx-xxxxxxxxx’.
  • After entering the serial number then, select Verify

The Casio 991ex is an ideal calculator for studying engineering, commerce, science or any mathematician.

Otherwise, this calculator is not required for general purposes; a regular calculator costing around Rs. 150 to 200 is perfect for general calculations. If you want to buy the Casio FX-991EX calculator, below is the Amazon affiliate link.

Casio FX-991EX (Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator)

Price: ₹ 1230/

Casio FX-991ex Pros & Cons

Below are five pros and cons based on our experience:

  1. High Functionality: The Casio FX-991EX offers a wide range of functions such as complex number calculations, equation solving, and statistical analysis. Therefore, it is suitable for various educational and business applications.
  2. Natural Display: It has a textbook display, allowing you to input and view mathematical expressions as they appear in textbooks. This makes it easier to understand and input complex equations.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The calculator has a user-friendly interface with a well-organized keypad layout. It also has a menu system that guides through various functions, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users.
  4. Solar Power: The Casio FX-991EX is equipped with solar panels to maximize its battery power. This feature can extend battery life and reduce the need for frequent battery replacement.
  5. Portability: The calculator is lightweight, making it easy to carry. It is beneficial for students who need a reliable scientific calculator for exams or classwork.
  1. Learning Curve: Due to the extensive functionality, this calculator may pose a challenge to users who are not familiar with advanced scientific calculators. Also, some users may find it challenging to use all the available features.
  2. Build quality: Build quality is not great, such as the buttons or the body of the calculator, which can affect long-term reliability.
  3. Screen size: The size of the display screen, seems relatively small when working with complex equations or large datasets.
  4. Limited Graphing Capabilities: The Casio FX-991EX has limited graphing capabilities. There may be a drawback for you if you need more advanced graphing features.
  5. Limited Programmability: The calculator has limited programmability compared to some other models. Those who need to perform more programmable calculations may find the FX-991EX lacking.

Note: Six reasons, it is a very old model, and you have other great options available: But, the price may be higher than the Casio FX-991EX.

Calculator buying tips

While choosing a calculator you need to keep in mind whether it is approved for the exam or not and also its cost. The price of the calculator is also an important factor; If you’re a student, you won’t need a very functional scientific calculator.

As a student, you need a calculator with the average function at a reasonable price, which can meet your needs. So keep these things in mind before buying a calculator. Below, we listed two scientific and engineering calculators from the Casio brands you can check on Amazon.

01: Casio FX-991MS Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator.

Price: ₹ 945/

02: Casio FX-991ES Plus | 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

Price: ₹ 1087/

View on AmazonClick here

Q: Which calculator is best for engineering students?

A: There are many options, but I have a good experience with Casio 991EX.

Q: What is the price of the Casio 991ex Calculator?

A: Its price is around Rs.1100 online. But the offline price may be cheaper, do check once.

Q: How many features are in the Casio 991fx calculator?

A: Casio claims that there is a total of 551 functions.

Q: Is the Casio 991ex calculator best for engineering students?

A: No doubt, it is a good calculator for engineering students till now. But, this is an old calculator, so if there is a better option available in the new one, you can buy it.


However, it depends on your requirements in which field you work. Different professionals require different calculators. Casio FX-991EX is the best scientific calculator for engineering students. It has various features and 552 functions, which is perfect for an engineering student.

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