Best Ways To Select Your Best Pack In TATA Play

how to select tataplay best pack

Today, we have shared a step by step guide so that you can easily choose the best pack in Tata Play. So for this, you have to install Tata Play mobile app on your mobile. This is the easiest way to select a pack in Tata Play through the mobile app.

Select the profile image on the right top and enter your subscriber ID or registered mobile number; you will get OTP on the registered mobile. Enter OTP and continue.

You will find all kinds of categories, like entertainment, news, movies, sports, knowledge and lifestyle or any channels for kids. Everything will be available in a single pack.

How to Select Best Pack in Tata Play?

You must select the Modify Pack (already running) option from the menu to create a new pack in Tata Play. There are various categories available and no need to take a separate pack. These are the core packs of Tata Play where you will find all your favourite channels.

  • Tata Play Packs.
  • Broadcasters Packs.
  • Tata Play Channels.
  • TataPlay Services.

Following are the steps required to get the best pack in Tata Play:

Step 1: So, first of all, you have to open Tata Play mobile app and tap on the Profile option on the right top.

How to Select Best Pack in Tata Play

Step 2: On the next screen, select the ‘My Account‘ option. Then, tap on the ‘Manage Packs’ on the next screen.

Step 3: You have to select the ‘Explore All Packs & Channels’ options here. Next, you will find your subscriber ID and all details of your existing packs.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Modify Packs & Channels‘ option. On the next screen, you can drop channels, and modify the current packs.

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Modify Current Pack‘ option.

Step 6: On the next screen, there will be various options to select Tata Play packs. Tap on the channel option, because that’s the easiest way to create the best pack in TATA Play. Select the category you want, and on the next screen check the check box to watch the channels.

Step 7: Tap on Proceed option to continue. On the next screen, check all the details like channel list, pack price and more. Tap on Confirm option.

Broadcasters Packs

 You will find small packages here, Such as Sony, Star, Disney, Raj TV, Sun, Zee, Turner, etc. These are-

  • Channels
  • Tata Play Services


You can also create a great package by choosing channels, and which channel you want to watch. Then tap on ‘Select and Continue‘ and confirm

Tata Play Services

There is some exceptional service in Tata Play; if you want to choose, then you can select its service by the same process.

TATA Play Hindi Mini HD Pack Price:

Tata Play reduced the price of Hindi packs by 29%; Tata Play has revised the cost of popular add on packages, including Hindi Cinema Mini, Hindi Movies Mini HD, Hindi Entertainment Mini, and Hindi Entertainment Mini HD.

The price of the Hindi Movies HD Pack has also been reduced by Rs 28.32. So now this pack will be Rs 69.15 instead of Rs 97.47.

It offers 9 SD and 5 HD channels which are – Star Gold HD, Movies OK, Sony Max HD, Zee Cinema HD, UTV HD, Zee Bollywood, and Pictures HD, Zee Action, UTV Action, Sony Wow, Sony Max 2, Star Utsav Movies, Zee Classic, and Zee Anmol Cinema.

Network capacity will be added with each pack *

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