How to Change SBI UPI PIN without Debit Card

Due to the simple interface of the UPI payment system, the user mainly uses it on their mobile device for fund transfers or any other bill payments. But, it is possible when you know your UPI PIN. Through this article, we have mentioned how you can change SBI UPI Pin within a few minutes.

When you add a bank account in UPI App, you have to create a UPI PIN. But UPI PIN is most important in UPI for fund transfer, and bill payments on a mobile device; If you have forgotten it, you cannot do anything.

For this, Yono SBI is the best app for multipurpose uses. So, download and install it from the Google play store and open it with your SBI ATM card details.

If you have your SBI NetBanking, enter your Net banking username and password. Then, follow the steps given below to change UPI PIN in SBI.

How to change SBI UPI PIN without Debit Card?

Following are some steps to change SBI UPI PIN without a debit card.

Step 01: Select the YONO pay option on the home screen.

How to change UPI PIN in SBI without debit card

Step 02: On the next screen, tap on BHIM UPI.


Step 03: The Manage option will appear at the bottom of the next screen. Tap on Manage.


Step 04: You will find your UPI ID and Bank account on the next screen. Select Bank account.

Step 05: Next screen will appear, here you will find Reset Pin and Change Pin with other options. Select Change pin.

Change UPI PIN in SBI

Step 06: On the next screen, enter your UPI PIN and set the UPI PIN below it. Tap on Next, Confirm UPI PIN.


In this way, you can change your UPI PIN in SBI in a few steps. If you want to Reset the UPI PIN in SBI, Tap on the Reset UPI option.

NOTE: Do not try to change UPI PIN frequently in YONO SBI.

How to Reset UPI PIN in SBI?

Follow the option of Reset pin and Change pin on the 5th step paragraph above. Tap on Reset Pin.

Reset UPI PIN in SBI

Step 01: Here, the next screen will appear; enter the debit card’s last 6 digits and expiry date. Click on Next.

Step 02: You will get an OTP number on your registered mobile, enter OTP and Set UPI Pin.

Step 03: On the next screen, confirm the UPI PIN and Submit.

In this way, your UPI PIN will be reset in SBI through the YONO app.

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How to Change UPI ID in SBI?

If you already have a UPI ID in SBI and want to create a new UPI ID, yes, you can do it through the YONO SBI app in a few steps. You will get the ‘Create new option to change the UPI ID in Manage UPI.

Create new UPI ID in SBI

Select a new option to create a UPI ID in YONO SBI.

Create new upi ID in SBI through YONO

Enter your UPI ID, and if available, will be automatically checked. If not, enter another UPI ID. Then, follow the dialogue displayed on the screen to complete.

Is a debit card required to change UPI PIN in SBI?

You do not need a debit card to change the UPI PIN in SBI.

Is a debit card required to reset UPI pin SBI?

You need your debit card to reset UPI pin in SBI.

What is the UPI fund transfer limit in SBI in one day?

You can transfer funds up to Rs.100000/- per day through UPI.

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