How to Enable Bhim UPI Service in SBI

If a user wants to Re-Enable (if it is disabled) their UPI service in SBI, of course, they can do so in just a few steps. However, remember that disabling the UPI service is much simpler than re-enabling. Because sometimes, the option ‘Enable / Disable’ in the UPI service in SBI can be in passive mode.
So, do not disable UPI service in SBI without any proper reason.

Today, in this tutorial, I will tell you two elementary steps that might help anyone, so please follow the complete steps to Enable UPI service in SBI.

How to Enable UPI Service Through SBI Netbanking

First method:

Open the official website of


STEP 1: First of all, a user has to login to SBi Net Banking, and after that, tap on the Profile option; many services appear here.

STEP 2: Here, Tap on Enable / Disable accounts for UPI option.


STEP 3: Enter your profile password and tap on submit; on the next screen, the bank account will appear; if there is an account, it will be an auto selection, but for multiple accounts, select the account in which to enable the UPI service. Tap on submit.


STEP 4: On the next screen, you will get the option to Enable / Disable for SBI UPI service along with bank account number. To enable the UPI service, choose the Enable option and tap Submit. That’s all; your UPI service in the SBI account will be activated within seconds.


NOTE: Sometimes, the option to enable UPI service in SBI can be in idle mode … then try after a short time, yet if the problem is found, another option is waiting for you.

How to Enable UPI Service via Customer care in SBI


If a problem is found, go to another option to enable UPI service in SBI.

STEP 1: Go to the home page of SBI online


STEP 2: Tap on ‘Customer care‘ option, 

STEP 3: Fill the form as shown on the image, (*) Asterisk column must be filled

  • Such as for the customer type:- select existing SBI customer
  • Next–Provide SBI account number
  • Account holder name, Mobile Number, and Email ID
  • Category of complaints:- Select BHIM SBI Pay (UPI)
  • For Product and Services:- Select- Enable / Disable UPI
  • Nature of complaint:- Select Re-Enable the UPI service

STEP 4: Here, users have to give a brief description of the complaint. (Maximum 500 Chars.)

STEP 5: Enter the String (captcha) as shown in the image, and next tap on Submit option.

This process takes a week to enable the SBI bank UPI service. Sometimes this complaint would be completed within three days.

Users can also get status by phone call.

The bank will notify you via SMS or email, wait…

How to Enable/Disable UPI service through Yono Lite SBI

Third Method:

Apart from this, you can also enable or disable the SBI UPI service through the Yono Lite app. Here you will need a profile password to enable or disable this service. So you have to install the Yono Lite app from Google Play Store for this.

If you do not have NetBanking, then you can create a user ID, password and profile password by selecting the new user registration option in Yono Lite app on the home screen.

After completing the above process, then log in to YONO Lite app. Here you can complete only in 4 steps.

STEP 1: Here you select the UPI option. Enable/Disable UPI option will appear here on the bottom.


STEP 2: Tap on Enable/Disable UPI. The next screen will appear. Enter your profile password and tap on submit.

TAP ON Enable/Disable UPI

STEP 3: After submitting the profile password, the next screen will appear. If you have more than one account in SBI, choose the UPI service account to be enabled or disabled. You will see the Enable / Disable option, where the on / off button will be found on the right side.

Tap On/Off

STEP 4: To enable UPI service, submit it by turning on the button.

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