Now add UPI ID for Payment in Youtube Premium

Now Google has launched the UPI payment system for its video platform on YouTube. Debit cards and credit cards are already included to pay for Youtube Premium and Youtube Music.

Now, this UPI payment system has been added for Indian customers. Customers can choose the UPI payment option for ad-free Youtube videos and music. 

For YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, customers can avail of this individual membership plan by paying Rs 139 for a monthly plan and 399 for a quarterly plan. These are all Pre-paid plans.

If customers choose the UPI payment option for YouTube premium service, the amount will be debited from the linked bank account, and the UPI ID will be saved for further payment.

Customers can cancel this protected auto payment option for YouTube premium service whenever they want.

Besides, the customer can change the payment option at any time. There is no restriction for this. When you want to add a bank account, credit card, debit card or UPI ID, add, no problem.

How to pay via UPI ID for YouTube Premium service

How to pay via UPI ID for YouTube premium service.

Step 1: Open Youtube app on a mobile phone, select the 

profile if you are logged in.

Step 2: Tap on Youtube Get YouTube Premium. Next tap Get YouTube Premium.

Step 3: Pre-paid one-month and three-month plans for ‘individual membership’ will appear here.

Step 4: Choose one of the month or quarter plans here.

Step 5: Select the second payment method for BHIM UPI ID.

Step 6: Enter UPI ID and proceed payment for YouTube Premium.


Thus the bank account with UPI ID will be saved for the further payment.

Payment options for YouTube premium service

For the YouTube premium service, customers can pay via bank account, credit card, debit card and now UPI ID.

There was already a credit card, debit card option for payment. Now UPI ID has also been added to it.

As with most payments on any platform, payments are made through UPI in India, and Google has added this option.

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