Union Bank of India – UPI ID, UPI Pin, UPI Transaction Limit Set

You need an account with Union Bank of India to generate a UPI ID and PIN and set the UPI transaction limit. So, if you have, you need to install the U-Mobile app of Union Bank of India.

Union bank of India is a national bank and provides various banking services for its users. Besides Internet banking, mobile banking also provides several digital banking facilities.

Mobile banking lets you create all the essential services in your existing bank account in a few minutes. Today in this tutorial, we have covered how to create a UPI ID, Transaction PIN and UPI Transaction Limit in Union Bank of India.

How to create a UPI ID in Union Bank?

These are the steps required to generate a UPI ID in the Union Bank of India:

Open U-mobile app

1: Open your U-Mobile application, click on allow and Activate.

2: On the next screen, select the registered sim linked to a bank account if you have two sim cards.

3: Here, you will get two options, ‘Mobile Banking and BHIM UPI’. If you want to enable both, click ‘Proceed’.

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Enter name gender email id

4: Enter your name, gender, date of birth, and email id, and answer the security question. Click on ‘Submit’.

5: Create Login PIN and confirm it and submit.

Set UPI Transaction PIN in UBI

Set Transaction PIN

6: You will receive a four-digit PIN via SMS; enter it. Enter the transaction PIN and confirm it and click on submit.

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This way, the transaction PIN will be set in the Union Bank of India.

select manage option

7: You must log in and find a list of UPI IDs. Select anyone from the UPI ID list and confirm. So this way, you can create a UPI ID in the Union Bank of India. If you skip this step, you can create a UPI ID later through the Manage option.

Create UPI ID in Union Bank of India

8: Click on Manage Option; On the next screen, you will get the option of Create UPI ID.

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How to Set UPI Transaction Limit in Union Bank?

Transaction limit settings in the Union Bank of India are very easy. You can do this in a few steps, which are given below.

1: On the home screen of the U-Mobile app, click on the top left of the menu bar.

2: Click on ‘Manage UPI ID.’

tap on Edit

3: You will get an edit option on the current transaction limit section.

Set current transaction limit

4: Select the Edit icon; On the next screen, enter your desired amount to set the current limit for UPI transactions.

5: Click on ‘Update’. This way, you can set the UPI current transaction limit in the Union Bank of India.

What is the daily transaction limit through UPI?

The daily transaction limit through UPI is Rs.100000/- per day. But, it will be defined by each bank and can be changed.

What is the fund transfer limit in UPI?

The limit of a single transaction in UPI is also Rs.100000/-.

What is UPI PIN?

UPI PIN is a four or 6-digit number that must be entered while sending funds to other accounts.

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